Rep. Dan Goldman Prepares Michael Cohen, Pays Consulting Firm Linked To Trial Judge's Daughter

 May 16, 2024

Controversy swirls around Rep. Dan Goldman due to his financial ties and past involvement in prepping a witness against Donald Trump.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Dan Goldman's involvement in prepping Michael Cohen for testimony may indicate a conflict of interest.

Dan Goldman, a Democratic Representative from New York, is at the center of the debate. His financial links with the family of Justice Juan Merchan, who presides over a trial involving former President Donald Trump, have surfaced. This revelation sheds light on potential conflicts of interest, considering Goldman’s role in preparing a key testimony against Trump.

Past and Present Roles in High-Stakes Political Legal Battles

Goldman served as the Director of Investigations for the House Intelligence Committee. In February 2019, he was instrumental in preparing Michael Cohen, a former attorney for Trump, for depositions focused on Trump's Russian financial ties. This preparation was before Cohen's recent testimony in 2024 during Trump's ongoing trial, which has borne its controversies aside from the ones Goldman is currently facing.

Furthermore, Rep. Goldman’s past roles during attempts to impeach Trump position him as a prominent anti-Trump figure. His legal expertise was again called upon when he acted as the lead counsel to House Managers in these proceedings.

Financial Transactions Raise Eyebrows

The intricacies of Goldman's connections extend into financial realms. His office disclosed that he paid over $157,000 to a political consulting firm owned by the daughter of Justice Merchan.

This transaction occurred while Merchan was related to the judicial process involving Trump, although the exact implications of this financial connection have spurred differing views concerning their appropriateness.

Furthermore, 2023 was a particularly lucrative year for Goldman, who, with a penchant for the stock market, outperformed the market by 52.8%.

Goldman discussed his interactions with Cohen on MSNBC. He detailed the nature of their preparations, emphasizing the distinct nature of this encounter compared to previous ones. He pointed out the critical aspect of testimony:

I have deposed Michael Cohen, and I have met with him a number of times to prepare him. This [Trump trial] was different testimony than what his demeanor was during the AG’s case. This is different than he has been in the past. But the question is not how he is on direct examination. The question is how he is on cross examination.

Public and Media Reactions

The connection between Goldman and the ongoing Trump trial has not gone unnoticed in the media. Outlets like Breitbart News have described Goldman as a figure inspired by progressive ideologies, fearlessly influencing legal outcomes.

Sean Davis, CEO of the Federalist, expressed severe criticisms of the situation, connecting Goldman’s financial dealings directly to the fairness of the legal process: How on earth can you have someone who pays off the judge’s family deliberately coaching witnesses in the trial, and call it a fair trial? You can’t. "This entire thing is a farce," Davis noted.

According to Madison Andrus, communications director for Goldman, there's clarity to be considered about these engagements:

Congressman Goldman was referring to his February 2019 deposition of Michael Cohen, when the Congressman was Director of Investigations for the House Intelligence Committee overseeing an investigation into Donald Trump’s financial ties to Russia. The Congressman has had nothing to do with the Manhattan District Attorney’s prosecution of Donald Trump.


Rep. Dan Goldman's financial engagements and previous professional actions are under scrutiny amidst a controversial backdrop. Payments made to a consulting firm linked to a judge's daughter and his key role in preparing testimony against Donald Trump paint a complex picture of legal and financial intersections. This has stirred significant public and media discourse over the fairness and integrity of ongoing legal proceedings involving high-profile political figures.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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