Radio Show Claims White House Is Lying About KJP Clip As Video Evidence Leaks

By Victor Winston, updated on March 28, 2024

In an unfolding controversy, a North Carolina-based radio show has come forward with accusations against the White House.

A dispute has arisen over Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre's participation in an interview that ended unexpectedly following a question about President Joe Biden's mental health, leading to allegations of dishonesty against the White House.

The center of this disagreement lies in the radio show WBT Charlotte's claim that White House representatives unfairly criticized their broadcast. These representatives accused the show of editing the interview to add misleading sound effects, a claim the show's staff vehemently denies.

Breitbart News reported that host Mark Garrison stood firm, countering that the contentious sound came directly from the White House's end, not the studio's editing room. Indeed, WBT Charlotte has since provided what they assert is the unaltered footage, seemingly supporting their stance.

Controversial Question Spurs Heated Exchange

The incident took a turn when Garrison posed a direct question about President Biden's cognitive health, explicitly inquiring if the President was suffering from dementia.

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre's response was of both disbelief and offense, highlighting the sensitivity surrounding discussions of the President's mental fitness. This moment of tension marked the beginning of the interview's swift conclusion, as Jean-Pierre chose to end the call shortly thereafter.

Jean-Pierre indignantly said, “That, Mark, I can’t even believe you’re asking me this question. That is an incredibly offensive question to ask.” Her discomfort clearly illustrates the White House's stance on questions regarding the President's health, framing them as out of bounds.

Undeterred by Jean-Pierre's initial reaction, Garrison pressed further by highlighting the public nature of such inquiries. His persistence seemed to underscore the growing scrutiny of Biden's mental state by segments of the public and media alike. While common in the political arena, this scrutiny often provokes strong responses from those in question.

A Row over Reality: Dispute Centers on Audio Clip

The White House's accusation of audio manipulation by WBT Charlotte pivots the narrative towards broader misinformation concerns. A spokesman for the White House chastised the radio show for failing to broadcast the entire interview, accusing them of adding a non-existent sound effect to the recording. It's a charge that cuts deep in an era where media credibility is frequently under the microscope.

In response, host Mark Garrison's defense was straightforward:

The White House assertion that we added a sound effect is nonsense. When she hung up, the phone noise was purely from their end.

These conflicting narratives have thrust both parties into an uncomfortable spotlight, with public discourse likely to sift through the truth claims. The episode raises questions about the integrity of media representations and the White House's openness to scrutiny.

As the story unfolds, it remains a point of contention between a reputable radio show and the highest office in the United States. The incident reflects broader cultural and political divides, highlighting the challenges of navigating truth in a polarized environment.


The dispute between WBT Charlotte and the White House over the abrupt end to an interview with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre underscores the fraught nature of political discourse. At the heart of the matter is a radio show's accusation against the White House for dishonesty after a controversial question about President Joe Biden's mental health was raised. The White House contests this portrayal, accusing the show of misleading editing. The debate over these events casts a spotlight on the delicate balance between journalistic inquiry and the respect for privacy and decorum in political discussions—a balance that remains ever-challenging to maintain in today's charged political landscape.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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