Prosecutor to Testify in Hunter Biden Case

 November 7, 2023

Special Counsel David Weiss is preparing to testify before Congress on Tuesday about his investigation into Hunter Biden's taxes and alleged misconduct.

House Republicans hope that this testimony will clarify apparent contradictions between Weiss's claims and the statements of IRS agents, prosecutors, and Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the Special Counsel's authority over the investigation.

According to insiders, Weiss is expected to assert that he had full control over the investigation despite differing accounts from other DOJ officials. However, due to ongoing investigation protocols, he will not divulge specifics about his current probe.

Whistleblowers and DOJ Officials Speak Out

Four IRS whistleblowers have stepped forward, claiming that the DOJ had twice interfered with Weiss's efforts to levy more serious charges against Hunter Biden. These allegations have found support in the unexpected admission by U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves that he prevented Weiss from bringing tax charges against Hunter in 2022.

Acknowledging the whistleblowers' claims, Acting AG Stuart Goldberg stated that Weiss needed approval to bring charges, a declaration that directly contradicts Garland's previous assertion that Weiss had complete authority over the Hunter Biden probe.

The New York Times, in a recent publication, confirmed that the DOJ had indeed obstructed Weiss from prosecuting charges in both Washington D.C. and California.

Potential Violations and Initial Plea Deal

From Weiss's testimony, it is inferred that Hunter Biden may be under investigation for alleged FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) and tax violations. This confirmation adds weight to the discourse about the nature of the charges Hunter is facing.

Interestingly, Weiss had previously offered Hunter Biden a plea deal, which proposed reduced tax charges. However, this deal did not hold and eventually fell apart. Subsequently, the Special Counsel charged Hunter Biden with gun violations in September 2022.

David Weiss's spokesperson, Wyn Hornbuckle, made a statement regarding the upcoming testimony:

"Consistent with department policy and the law, he will be unable to address the specifics of his investigation."

What Lies Ahead for the Investigation

As we approach November 2022, Weiss is scheduled to testify before Congress about the investigation. This testimony is expected to shed light on the contradiction between Garland's claim of Weiss's authority over the probe and the contrasting statements of other DOJ officials.

It's anticipated that the Judiciary Committee's questioning will focus on the alleged inconsistencies in the DOJ's handling of the Hunter Biden case.

With these substantial allegations and contradictions, this testimony will be a significant event in the unfolding narrative of the Hunter Biden investigation.


  • Special Counsel David Weiss is set to testify before Congress regarding his investigation into Hunter Biden's taxes and potential misconduct.
  • There are apparent discrepancies between Weiss's claims and those of IRS agents, prosecutors, and AG Garland about Weiss's authority in the investigation.
  • Four IRS whistleblowers have claimed that the DOJ twice prevented Weiss from bringing more severe charges against Hunter.
  • U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves confirmed he blocked Weiss from bringing tax charges against Hunter in 2022.
  • Acting AG Stuart Goldberg's statement contradicted Garland's assertion, stating that Weiss needed approval to bring charges.
  • The New York Times confirmed that the DOJ blocked Weiss from prosecuting charges in Washington, D.C., and California.
  • Weiss had offered a plea deal to Hunter for reduced tax charges, which eventually collapsed.

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