Professor That Held Machete To Reporter’s Throat Fired

 February 4, 2024

Shellyne Rodriguez, a figure known for her confrontational approach and charged rhetoric, has made headlines once more.

Cooper Union College decided to terminate Shellyne Rodriguez's adjunct teaching position due to her controversial social media posts targeting Zionism, marking another turbulent chapter in her career.

Rodriguez, who has faced numerous controversies, including a widely circulated video of a confrontation and legal troubles related to a machete threat, became the focal point of an intense academic and political debate. Her firing from Cooper Union occurred against a backdrop of escalating tensions at the institution, where Jewish students felt the need to barricade themselves against aggressive demonstrators.

This incident at Cooper Union represents the latest in a series of controversial actions and remarks by Rodriguez. In January 2023, she took part in a panel that criticized Israel and subsequently made a derogatory social media post about Israel's supporters. These actions have sparked a debate regarding the boundaries of free speech and the duties of those in teaching positions.

From Classroom to Courtroom: A Teacher's Turbulent Year

In May 2023, Rodriguez's confrontation with pro-life students at Hunter College went viral, leading to her dismissal. Subsequently, she faced legal repercussions for menacing a reporter with a machete, an act that drew widespread attention and criticism.

Despite these controversies, Cooper Union hired Rodriguez just months later, a decision that has since been scrutinized. However, her tenure at Cooper Union was short-lived, culminating in her recent dismissal over comments deemed offensive and potentially harmful.

The reaction to Rodriguez's firing has been mixed, with some defending her right to free speech and others applauding the college's stance against hate speech. The Cooper Union Students for Justice in Palestine, in particular, expressed their dissent, stating:

The Cooper Union wrongfully terminated a valued educator who is indispensable to the community and the academic livelihood of students.

A Community Divided: Reactions to the Firing

The dismissal of Shellyne Rodriguez from Cooper Union highlights the contentious debate within academia on balancing free expression with ensuring a safe, inclusive environment. Rodriguez's termination, sparked by her actions and comments deemed by some as crossing into harassment and incitement—particularly in an incident involving Jewish students—has ignited discussions about academic freedom, the impact of personal beliefs on professional duties, and the limits of speech.

Critics see her firing as necessary accountability, while supporters decry it as a violation of free speech, illustrating the ongoing struggle over how educators influence discourse and the complex responsibilities they bear.

Rodriguez's move from the classroom to legal challenges and back, only to be dismissed, exemplifies the difficulties institutions face in maintaining principles while safeguarding their communities, making her story a cautionary reflection on the significant impact of words.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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