Pro-Trump Republican Wins Special Election in House

 November 22, 2023

In a significant political event, Republican Celeste Maloy emerged victorious in Utah's special election, filling the last open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The election, held to replace former Rep. Chris Stewart, who resigned due to his wife's illness, saw Maloy defeat Democrat Kathleen Riebe to secure the position.

Maloy, who formerly served as chief legal counsel for Chris Stewart, triumphed over Riebe in the contest that took place in Utah's 2nd Congressional District. The vacancy resulted from Stewart's resignation in September, triggered by familial circumstances.

Republican Victory

Maloy's campaign resonated with the conservative base, mainly through her support for former President Donald Trump. Her critique of the legal actions against Trump played a significant role in rallying her supporters.

On the other hand, Riebe aimed to join the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition, emphasizing her rational and moderate ideas for governance. Celeste Maloy, before her win, expressed optimism about representing the interests of rural and southern Utah.

She recognized the significance of this election for those areas. "It’s exciting that we’re going to have somebody come out of this primary that represents rural and southern Utah. I think it’s time for that, and everybody’s ready for it," she said.

Maloy's Journey to the House

Her journey to the House began with a three-way primary election in September, which she won. Known for supporting former President Donald Trump and criticizing the prosecutions against him, Maloy was considered the heavy favorite in the special election, a reflection of Stewart's historical performance in the district.

The special election was necessitated by the resignation of Rep. Chris Stewart in September, owing to his wife's illness. This unexpected vacancy led to a three-way primary election, which Maloy won, setting the stage for her showdown with Riebe.

Maloy was widely considered the heavy favorite, a perception that reflected the historical voting patterns in the district. This pre-election assessment was validated on the night of the election, with the Associated Press calling the race in favor of Maloy at 8:36 p.m. local time.  Her victory strengthens the Republican hold on the House, giving them a more robust position in close votes.

Riebe's Campaign Focus

Riebe's focus on the nation's rising debt was a central theme of her campaign. She aimed to appeal to voters concerned about fiscal responsibility, a key issue for many Americans.

Despite her efforts, the district's conservative lean proved to be too strong of an obstacle to overcome. The campaign's dynamics were influenced by the broader political environment, with issues such as the federal debt, political allegiance, and the legacy of former President Trump playing significant roles.

Both candidates represented distinct visions for the future of the district and, by extension, the nation.

Implications for National Politics

Maloy's win not only fills the last open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives but also has broader implications for the national political landscape.

This election outcome is seen as consolidating conservative power in a predominantly Republican district, reinforcing the party's legislative agenda.

In her campaign, Kathleen Riebe highlighted her background in education and her commitment to moderate policies. "Coming to a very rational decision and having very moderate ideas, I think that is what serves us best," she remarked.


  • Celeste Maloy, a Republican, won Utah's special election, filling the last seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • The election took place to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Republican Rep. Chris Stewart due to his wife's illness.
  • Maloy, who was considered the heavy favorite, has been a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump. Her victory could impact future Republican strategies and policies.
  • Kathleen Riebe, a moderate Democrat and former school teacher, focused her campaign on fiscal responsibility and the nation's rising debt.

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