Lady Di Tapes Shake Royal Family Image

 September 7, 2023

Over the last few days, reports of tapes of Lady Di have been blowing up all over the place.

There were always whispers that Lady Di was not happy in her marriage and her open disdain for Charles, which eventually led to their divorce.

These tapes, however, go much deeper than that.

Talking Points…

  • The Legend of Lady Di
  • What the tapes say
  • What Christopher Andersen says
  • My Two Cents…

The Legend of Lady Di

For whatever reason, the entire world is enamored with the Royal Family, but Lady Di is something different.

Even as her marriage to Charles started to fall apart, more people seemed to side with Lady Di than the future King of England.

After the divorce, she was allegedly threatened by Prince Philip regarding her title, but Di never backed down.

On August 31, 1997, Diana died in a horrific car crash, and the conspiracy theories started to fly.

In the United Kingdom alone, more than 32 million people watched the funeral, and the figure was probably tenfold around the world.

The Tapes

This week, tapes were released, in part, on "Good Morning America."

The tapes were part of the research done by author Andrew Morton, who wrote, "Diana: Her True Story."

In one story, Diana tells of how disappointed Charles was when Harry was born, as he had been hoping to have a girl.

Lady Di stated:

"And mummy snapped his head off. And she said, ‘You should realize how lucky you are to have a child that’s normal.' Ever since that day, the shutters have come down. That’s what he does when he gets somebody answering back at him."

She also went into detail about their marriage, and how the generation aspect of it really took its toll (Charles was 12 years her senior).

Christopher Anderson

Anderson is the author of "The King" and "The Day Diana Died."

He is considered a true expert on Lady Diana and her life during and after her marriage to Charles.

He called these tapes "a haunting reminder" of her anguish as a Royal.

On Lady Di, he stated:

"She was up against a thousand-year-old institution that was determined to thwart her every move, and the distress she felt can really be heard in her voice. And what a beautiful, elegant, hypnotic voice it is."

"I think it’s important that, when we look at Charles and [his wife] Camilla on the throne, we are reminded of the twists and turns history took to put them there. If it weren’t for Diana and the life she lived, we would not be half as interested in the royal family."

My Two Cents…

I have never fed into this fascination with the Royals, but I can remember the day that Di was killed in that accident.

I remember seeing people with tears in their eyes, as though they had lost a loved one.

For some reason, she just struck a note with people that will probably never go away.

The timing of these tapes could not be worse for the Royal Family, which has been taking hits with the Prince Harry debacle and the scandals of Prince Andrew.

Something tells me the "hate" side of the love-hate relationship people worldwide have with the Royals will now start to tilt the scales.

About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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