Popular Plus-Sized Influencer Edgar Landaverde, Known As Callejas 503, Passes Away At 37

 June 10, 2024

Edgar Landaverde, a prominent figure in the online community, has died unexpectedly.

The family of Edgar Landaverde confirmed his death through a heartfelt social media post, shaking his substantial fan base.

According to Daily Mail, Landaverde, better known by his online alias Callejas 503, was just 37 years old. His family revealed his sudden passing via an Instagram notification to his nearly 83,000 followers, which did not specify the cause of his demise.

Remembering Callejas 503: A Vibrant YouTube Persona

Originally from El Salvador, Edgar crafted a strong personal brand through his engaging and often humorous contributions to YouTube. Since founding his channel in 2012, he managed to amass a following of 178,000 subscribers, who tuned in for his adventures and food reviews from local joints and markets.

His content wasn’t just about entertainment; it also touched on real concerns regarding recognition and support for influencers in El Salvador. Edgar once candidly discussed this in a video, highlighting how traditional media was losing ground to digital platforms.

His family's statement after his passing reflected the deep loss felt by the community: "It is a painful truth for the family, but we are making it public to all media: our beloved Callejas 503 has left this world." The bereaved family also conveyed their heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported Edgar throughout his online journey.

Details on Edgar Landaverde’s Final Days

The influencer posted his last video in May, a lively outing with friends at a local food market in Santa Tecla, where he resided and was ultimately laid to rest. His final touch on Instagram was a clip where he shared insights about his motorbike, indicative of his everyday engagement with fans.

Here's a reflection shared by Edgar that underscores the challenges he faced in his vocation:

I appreciate it when brands or people value my work because here in my country, El Salvador, brands don't support content creators...But who watches TV or listens to the radio anymore? Everything is online now.

The revelation of Edgar's unexpected death stirred considerable reaction from his audience, with discussions proliferating around his health and lifestyle in the weeks leading up to his passing. Some followers noted he appeared unwell in his later appearances, though he had no diagnosed illnesses.

Followers expressed their condolences and memories, indicating how deeply his vibrant character and engaging content had become a part of their lives.

One touching message from a fan read: "We will miss you in our homes, Callejas. You were part of our lives without even knowing you. Thank you for brightening our lives. God keep you in his arms and find peace now in eternal rest."


Edgar Landaverde, known fondly as Callejas 503, will be remembered for his vivacious spirit and his groundbreaking role in promoting digital content creation in El Salvador.

His death has left a void in the hearts of thousands of fans and raised awareness of the challenges influencers face in smaller markets. His legacy, encapsulated in countless videos and posts, will continue to inspire and entertain.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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