Police Find Woman’s Severed Head In NY Park - MS-13 Suspected

By Victor Winston, updated on March 1, 2024

A morbid discovery has ignited a major investigation in Southards Park, Babylon, Long Island.

Investigators unearthed several severed body parts, embarking on a grim inquiry potentially linked to MS-13 gang activities.

A serene Thursday transformed into a horrifying scene as law enforcement and cadaver dogs combed through the west side of Southards Park. The initial findings of a leg and two arms earlier in the day were only a prelude to the gruesome discovery of additional body parts, including a female's severed head.

A Shocking Discovery in Babylon's Tranquil Park

Detective Lt. Kevin Beyrer, of Suffolk County, detailed how the discovery unfolded with a cadaver dog finding a woman's right arm about 20 feet into the woods from where the left arm was located.

This left arm, distinctively marked with tattoos and stripped of its fingertips, belonged to a man, spotlighting the cruel intentions to obscure the victims' identities. Police sources expressed concern over the difficulty fingerprint removal poses in identification, especially crucial when the victim might have had a criminal history.

Authorities hinge hopes on identifying the male victim through his tattoos, banking on law enforcement's records of individuals' tattoos. Meanwhile, preliminary investigations suggest the arm, leg, and head belonged to the same woman, with official confirmation pending from scientific tests and autopsy results.

The community reels from the implications, affiliating the grotesque findings with the MS-13 gang, notorious for its brutal modus operandi in the area.

"The sliced-off fingertips would hamper cops’ efforts in identifying the man," said police sources, emphasizing the challenges posed by the perpetrators' meticulous attempts to hinder law enforcement's identification processes. This methodical approach to concealing the victims' identities only adds a sinister depth to the investigation, underlining the cold calculation behind the crimes.

Timeline of Horrors: From Dawn to Dusk

The sequence of these macabre discoveries began with a shocking morning revelation when a young girl en route to school stumbled upon a dismembered left arm. That discovery kickstarted a thorough examination of the area, leading to the nighttime uncovering of more severed body parts, including a woman’s head.

These scattered remains signal a chilling deposit in the park, estimated to have happened a matter of days, if not mere hours, before their discovery.

This rapid timeline showcases a disturbing efficiency and boldness in the disposal of these remains, with Detective Lt. Kevin Beyrer commenting on the timing, "Preliminarily, it appears it’s a matter of a small number of days if not hours." This quick succession from deposition to discovery underscores the urgent need for swift investigative responses to apprehend those responsible.

The female remains did not bear any tattoos, presenting another layer of complexity in the effort to identify her. Beyrer adds, "The female remains did not have any tattoos," highlighting a stark contrast in the clues available for identifying the two victims. Though minor, this detail may steer the investigation's course, dictating the avenues through which authorities can seek answers.

Detectives Probe Possible Gang Involvement

Investigators are now piecing together the puzzle, weighing the likelihood of MS-13 gang involvement. The gang's history of violence and territorial dominance in the area paints a grim backdrop against which these findings are scrutinized. An autopsy conducted "in the field" by a medical examiner, with an official autopsy ongoing, aims to yield further insights into the circumstances surrounding the deaths.

The community of Babylon, accustomed to the tranquility of Southards Park, finds itself at the heart of a homicide investigation, grappling with the shock and sorrow of such brutality in their midst. Meanwhile, authorities press on with the investigation, hoping to untangle the web of events that culminated in this tragedy. Suffolk County's law enforcement remains committed to justice, urging anyone with information to come forward.


The discovery of severed body parts in Southards Park, Babylon, spirals into a full-blown homicide investigation with potential ties to MS-13 gang activities. These events, beginning with a girl’s eerie find on her way to school and culminating in the alarming discovery of a woman’s severed head, have cast a shadow over the community.

As detectives leverage tattoos and scientific tests in their quest for identification, the meticulous removal of fingertips and the absence of tattoos on the female remains add layers of complexity to the investigation. The implications of these findings are alarming, painting a vivid picture of brutality that demands swift and decisive action from law enforcement and the community alike.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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