Police Confirm 15 School Children Abducted In Nigeria, Days After 300 Were Kidnapped

 March 10, 2024

In an unsettling testament to Nigeria's rising issue of school abductions, armed men stormed into a boarding school in northwestern Nigeria, bringing fear and chaos in their wake.

CBS News reported that a group of armed individuals kidnapped 15 children from a boarding school in the Gidan Bakuso village of Sokoto state, highlighting the troubling trend of school abductions in Nigeria's northern region.

The shocking crime took place at 1 a.m. local time, leaving the community in shock as they faced the aftermath. The recent abduction involved not only children but also a woman from the village, demonstrating the ruthless behavior of the kidnappers.

Vice President Shettima's Commitment Amid Rising Student Kidnappings

Just two days prior, nearly 300 students were kidnapped from a different location in the same region. The number of such kidnappings has risen sharply, with over 1,400 students taken since 2014, highlighting an urgent need for effective security measures.

Following this distressing event, Nigeria's Vice President, Kashim Shettima, quickly coordinated with local officials and met with the distraught parents of the kidnapped children.

He assured them of his relentless dedication to securing the children's release. His actions reflect the government's resolve to address this challenge despite the significant obstacles they face.

Struggling Against Insurmountable Odds in Rescuing the Innocent

Reaching the heart of the crisis in Gidan Bakuso village presents formidable challenges, chiefly due to the area's inaccessibility. Sokoto police spokesman Ahmad Rufa'i shed light on the grueling task that faced the rescue teams, emphasizing the logistical hurdles.

The village is remote and inaccessible by vehicles, forcing the police squad to use motorcycles to reach it. This situation underscores the harsh realities our security forces face as they traverse difficult terrain to rescue our children.

The landscape of northern Nigeria has been critically altered by these acts of cruelty, with the latest incident marking the third mass kidnapping in just a week. Earlier incidents witnessed over 200 individuals, mainly women and children, being abducted by suspected extremists in Borno state and another 287 students from a government school in Kaduna state.

While no organization has claimed responsibility for the recent kidnappings, suspicions lean towards Islamic extremists and local herders as potential perpetrators.

A History of Pain Reflected in Current Sorrow

The pattern of school kidnappings in northern Nigeria traces back to a harrowing event in 2014, where more than 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped by Islamic extremists in Chibok, Borno state. This incident sparked international outrage and marked the beginning of a disturbing trend that has since plagued the nation.

The continuous stream of kidnappings, including the abduction of over 250 pupils from Kuriga school in Kuririga on March 8, 2024, serves as a somber reminder of the persistent threat looming over the nation's future generations.

The psychological impact on the communities afflicted by these kidnappings cannot be overstated. Families are torn apart, and the fear of violence tarnishes the sanctity of education. The government, while showing resolve in facing this challenge, must grapple with the complexities of not only rescuing the kidnapped but also addressing the root causes of such grievances to avert future tragedies.


The recent kidnapping in Sokoto state represents a chilling continuation of a trend that has haunted northern Nigeria since 2014. The community of Gidan Bakuso village, and indeed the entire nation, watches anxiously as efforts to rescue the abducted children unfold. Vice President Kashim Shettima's commitment to their recovery sheds a glimmer of hope in these darkest of times. Nevertheless, the broader challenge remains formidable, requiring concerted efforts to bring an end to the terror that has disrupted so many lives and to restore peace to Nigeria's troubled regions.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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