Peter Schweizer: Biden Border Crisis Could Increase Number of Illegal Ballots Cast in 2024 — up to 2.7 Million

 May 15, 2024

Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers argue that the surge of illegal immigrants since President Joe Biden assumed office could significantly expand the pool of potential illegal voters in the 2024 elections.

As Breitbart News reported, they suggest that the increase in undocumented individuals may lead to a higher number of unlawfully cast ballots.

On "The Drill Down" podcast, discussions centered on non-citizens participating in U.S. elections were deeply explored. Co-host and author Eric Eggers pointed out historical instances of election fraud, spotlighting his findings from the book "FRAUD" published in 2018.

According to data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Studies, many non-citizens might be impacting election outcomes.

The study revealed that up to 27 percent of non-citizens surveyed were registered to vote, and about 13 percent actually voted. This significant finding has led to urgent calls for reforms aimed at enhancing voting security.

New Legislation Pushes for Stricter Voter Registration

House Speaker Mike Johnson has introduced new legislation in response to these concerns. The law would mandate that proof of citizenship be provided during the voter registration process. Currently, several states do not require a paper attestation, making the system vulnerable to inaccuracies.

Eric Eggers pointed out that the lack of a citizenship proof requirement in many states is problematic. In response, Johnson has proposed a measure to close this loophole and ensure that voters meet the necessary citizenship criteria.

A study reviewing voter rolls in 32 states identified problems with voters casting ballots in two different states during the same election, with over 4,000 such instances recorded. This issue underscores the necessity for improved communication and verification between states. Currently, there is a lack of a national database to monitor and verify the citizenship and registration status of voters across various states.

Contentious Election Reforms in the Biden Era

Since Joe Biden took office in January 2021, there has been an estimated increase of 16 million illegal immigrants, which, according to the podcast, might result in up to 2.7 million illegal votes. These figures significantly raise the stakes on election integrity issues.

Tom Perez, a notable Biden administration official, led the administration's effort to enhance voter registration, particularly in key states. Catherine Engelbrecht, a prominent advocate for election integrity from True the Vote, has documented multiple issues related to these voter registration drives, suggesting that they could be prone to abuse.

With the 2020 elections, the relaxation of mail-in voting rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic further complicated voter verification processes. This change perpetuated the debate around the security of mail-in voting, emphasizing the necessity for a robust verification system.

Election reform suggestions have included establishing a national voter roll database and making citizenship data accessible to local election officials. These changes would help ensure that only eligible citizens can register to vote.

Reflecting on the issue at hand, it's evident that the integrity of the voting process in the United States remains highly contentious. Measures such as creating a universal voter database and revising laws that allow non-citizens to register need urgent consideration to safeguard democracy.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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