Pete Buttigieg Spent Staggering Amount Of Taxpayer Money On Government Jets

 December 20, 2023

In a revealing audit, it was found that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg spent nearly $59,000 on government-managed executive aircraft for various trips.

An inspector general audit has uncovered that Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, utilized government executive jets for 20 flights over eight trips, costing taxpayers $58,882, with only a few deemed cost-effective.

The investigation into Buttigieg's travel expenses spanned from August 2021 to June 2023. It scrutinized his frequent use of government executive aircraft, which has raised eyebrows and questions regarding the appropriate utilization of public funds.

Auditor's Findings Challenge Cost-Effectiveness

The audit, initiated by the inspector general following a December 2022 Fox News report, focused on the cost-efficiency of Buttigieg's travel choices. It concluded that only three out of eight trips met the Department of Transportation's (DOT) criteria for cost-effectiveness.

While some of the trips included travel to swing states and local events where Buttigieg announced infrastructure grants, the justification for using government jets varied. Security concerns, scheduling conflicts, and communication needs were cited for the other flights.

It is noteworthy that out of 69 total trips during the specified period, Buttigieg predominantly opted for commercial flights, using them for 57 trips, which amounts to 82.6% of his total travel.

Political Repercussions and Public Perception

The disclosure of these expenditures comes at a sensitive time, intersecting with public concerns over governmental financial responsibility. The utilization of taxpayer-funded resources for travel by government officials is a topic that resonates deeply with the electorate.

A statement from the Department of Transportation emphasized Buttigieg's general preference for commercial travel and his directive for decisions to be "grounded in the efficient and responsible use of taxpayer dollars." However, the report's release coincides with a period when many Americans are facing their own travel challenges and expenses.

Quoting from the audit report, the emphasis is on the need for Federal officials to adhere to strict guidelines regarding public resource use, underlining the significance of maintaining public trust and confidence.

"Ensuring that Federal officials, including career personnel and political appointees, adhere to Federal requirements regarding the proper use of public resources is essential to maintaining public trust and confidence."

DOT Flight Cost Estimates Questioned

Despite the audit's conclusions, the DOT's use of incorrect flight cost estimates in their analysis has raised additional concerns about the validity of the justifications provided for the Secretary's travel choices.

Some critics have pointed to this situation as a potential lapse in judgment or oversight within the department, questioning the transparency and accuracy of the department's internal processes.

This incident has sparked a broader conversation about accountability in government spending, particularly in an era where every dollar spent is under intense scrutiny.

Implications for the Biden Administration

As the report's release coincides with the holiday season, it resonates particularly with those traveling during this time. The contrast between the Secretary's mode of travel and that of ordinary citizens is not lost on the public.

One pointed critique highlights this disparity, suggesting that while people spend their money and time on commercial flights during the holidays, they might question why their taxes fund private flights for government officials.

"Travelers are spending their hard-earned money and countless hours on flights to see loved ones this holiday season. As they sit on the tarmac, they’ll have plenty of time to wonder why they’re paying for their own commercial flights and Buttigieg’s private flights, too."

This situation underscores the delicate balance government officials must maintain in their use of public resources, especially in an environment where transparency and accountability are paramount.


  • Pete Buttigieg used government jets for 20 flights over 8 trips, costing taxpayers $58,882.
  • Only 3 of these 8 trips were deemed cost-effective by the Department of Transportation.
  • The majority of Buttigieg’s travel was via commercial flights (82.6%).
  • The audit raised questions about the DOT's internal processes and the use of public funds.
  • This issue is set against broader public concerns about government accountability and transparency.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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