Perry Johnson Endorses Trump After Dropping Out of 2024 Race

 October 25, 2023

Johnson steps back, Trump gains momentum

In a recent turn of events, Perry Johnson, a former contender for the Republican presidential nomination, has withdrawn from the 2024 race.

This Michigan-based businessman, who largely financed his own campaign, has now thrown his weight behind Donald Trump. Johnson's endorsement comes at a time when the political field is thinning, and Donald Trump continues to lead by a significant margin.

Johnson's Endorsement: A Strategic Move?

Johnson's decision to endorse Trump was announced shortly after he suspended his campaign, Yahoo News reported.

In a statement released on X, formerly known as Twitter, Johnson expressed his belief that Trump is the sole candidate capable of defeating President Biden in the upcoming general election.

Perry Johnson stated, “After suspending my campaign for President on Friday, there is now only one candidate in this race who can provide a solution to our nation’s economic, foreign policy, and social crises, and most importantly, beat Joe Biden at the ballot box. That person is Donald Trump.”

He further emphasized his commitment to supporting Trump's campaign and uniting with fellow conservatives to ensure Biden's defeat in the next election.

Challenges Faced by Johnson

Despite announcing his presidential aspirations in March, Johnson faced numerous challenges throughout his campaign.

His inability to make a significant impact in national polls was evident. Moreover, he couldn't qualify for the GOP debates, and given the rising criteria for donors and polling averages, his chances for the third debate seemed bleak.

In a statement released last Friday, Johnson expressed his disappointment with the Republican National Committee (RNC). He criticized the perceived "corruption" within the RNC, especially after being excluded from the party's debate stage.

Johnson voiced his concerns, “The corruption among leaders at the RNC during this process was appalling. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the people should decide the next president of the United States, not the head of the RNC and her cronies.”

Previous Setbacks for Johnson

This isn't the first time Johnson has faced political setbacks.

Last year, during the Michigan gubernatorial race, he was unable to secure a spot on the ballot.

The court determined that he had used fraudulent signatures, further complicating his political journey.


  • Perry Johnson suspends his 2024 presidential campaign.
  • Johnson endorses Donald Trump, emphasizing Trump's capability to defeat Biden.
  • Challenges faced by Johnson include failing to make an impact in national polls and criticisms of the RNC.
  • Johnson faced a setback last year during the Michigan gubernatorial race due to fraudulent signatures.

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