Pentagon Official Arrested in Georgia Human Trafficking Sting

 November 28, 2023

A high-ranking Pentagon official has been apprehended in Georgia amid a human trafficking crackdown that has sent shockwaves through the community.

A recent sting operation in Georgia led to the arrest of Stephen Hovanic, a senior Pentagon official, and 25 others, spotlighting the ongoing battle against human trafficking.

Stephen Hovanic, serving as the chief of staff for the Department of Defense Education Activity's (DoDEA) Americas division, found himself in legal turmoil following his arrest. The arrest, which occurred in a motel room, was part of an undercover operation targeting human trafficking and related crimes.

Sting Operation Shakes the Department of Defense

The sting operation, conducted by the Coweta County Sheriff's Office over November 15-16, unveiled a more comprehensive network of criminal activities. A total of 26 arrests were made during the operation, including charges of prostitution, pandering, and pimping.

Among the arrested individuals, 12 faced prostitution charges, ten were charged with pandering, and four were accused of pimping. This extensive arrest list underscores the intricate web of illegal activities often surrounding human trafficking cases.

Hovanic's position with the DoDEA placed him in charge of overseeing 160 schools worldwide for children of military families. His role in the department, dating back to 2010, makes his involvement in this crime particularly alarming, given the department's focus on education and the welfare of children.

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Trafficking Victims

In a significant breakthrough, six victims of human trafficking were rescued and moved to safety. These rescues offer a glimmer of hope in the ongoing fight against human trafficking and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

Discussing the impact of the operation, a Coweta County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) agent emphasized its importance. The agent highlighted the dual focus of such operations: targeting sex buyers to dismantle the market that fuels victimization and, most crucially, rescuing and aiding the victims trapped in these dire circumstances.

The anonymous agent told Fox:

"This kind of operation is really important to us, because, number one, sex buyers are a huge problem in the industry. Without sex buyers, there wouldn't be a market for the females to continue to be victimized. Second, and probably most importantly for all of us, is the victimization of these females. There's not a good scenario for them in this lifestyle, so the goal is to get them out of this lifestyle."

A Response From the Department of Defense Education Activity

Following the arrest, the Department of Defense Education Activity issued a statement. Recognizing the gravity of the situation and the ongoing legal processes, the DoDEA refrained from commenting further. They directed all queries to the local law enforcement agency involved in the sting operation.

The DoDEA's response aligns with standard protocol in such sensitive cases, where legal proceedings are active and ongoing. This cautious approach ensures that the legal process is respected and that the investigation's integrity is maintained.

With the sting operation's conclusion, several individuals, including Hovanic, face legal proceedings. The charges range from prostitution and pandering to pimping, with additional investigations underway for human trafficking and drug-related offenses.


  • Stephen Hovanic, a senior Pentagon official, was arrested on charges of pandering.
  • The arrest was part of a large-scale human trafficking sting in Georgia.
  • The operation resulted in a total of 26 arrests, including charges of prostitution, pandering, and pimping.
  • Most importantly, six victims of human trafficking were rescued during the operation.
  • The DoDEA, where Hovanic was a high-ranking official, oversees 160 schools globally for children of military families.

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