Pence Declines To Endorse Trump, Keeps Voting Choice Private

 April 20, 2024

In a notable CNN interview, former Vice President Mike Pence, a central figure in the previous administration, charted a unique political path for the upcoming presidential election.

According to Daily Wire, Mike Pence openly rejected endorsing both his former boss, Donald Trump, and current President Joe Biden, committing instead to a private and conscientious vote.

During his conversation with Jake Tapper on CNN's "The Lead", which aired on April 16, 2024, Pence provided insights into his political stance. Once a hopeful in the Republican primaries, he withdrew prematurely due to lackluster support and has since maintained a critical view of Trump's leadership and policies.

Divergences on Constitutional Duties Highlighted

The former Vice President expressed significant differences with Trump over the handling of their constitutional duties, notably during the tumultuous events of January 6th. These differences have been a substantial factor behind his decision not to extend his support to Trump in the forthcoming elections.

Moreover, Pence criticized Trump for deviating from significant Republican principles that include managing the national debt, maintaining the U.S.'s stance as a global leader, and upholding the right to life at a national level.

The distinctions between his and Trump's views have only deepened post-administration, marking a clear ideological split.

Pence's Commitment to Private Voting

Emphasizing the personal nature of voting, Mike Pence stated that he intends to keep his presidential pick a secret. According to him, this decision aligns with the principles of private conscience that all American voters should cherish and uphold.

Pence’s viewpoint on the discretion of the ballot reflects a broader sentiment on voter privacy and the sanctity of the personal choice made in the voting booth.

Following up on the disparities alluded to earlier in the interview, here is Mike Pence explaining his stand, "Well, I’ll just keep my vote to myself. You know, I’d never vote for Joe Biden. But I thought it was fair. Many people had asked me what my posture was going forward. And, you know, based upon the differences the president and I still have over my constitutional duties on January 6th, but also, as you said, based upon how I see the president shying away from our commitment as leaders of the free world, being prepared to ignore the national debt, now, even walking away from a commitment to the right to life at the national level, I just made it clear that I will not be endorsing Donald Trump in this campaign."

Reflecting a Diverse Political Perception

Pence’s choice to diverge publicly from Trump, and yet not support Biden, might resonate with voters who feel alienated by both parties' extremes. This stance places him in a unique position within the wider spectrum of American politics, potentially shaping his future role as a commentator or elder statesman.

His focus on conscience over party loyalty might influence the wider electorate, stressing the importance of individual decision-making in a democracy. As the election approaches, the impact of Pence's non-endorsement could play a significant role in shaping public opinion, particularly among Republicans and conservatives who are reconsidering their options amidst a polarized political landscape.


Mike Pence's refusal to endorse Donald Trump underscores a profound rift in the Republican party and highlights his commitment to personal and constitutional principles over party loyalty.

Whether his decision sways other voters remains to be seen, as the nation moves closer to another defining election. By keeping his voting decision private, Pence emphasizes the sacredness of the individual vote - a cornerstone of American democracy.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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