Pelosi Takes Responsibility For Capitol Security Failures In Jan. 6 Video

 June 11, 2024

A previously unreleased video from January 6, 2021, shows Nancy Pelosi admitting some responsibility for the security failures at the Capitol during the riot.

Fox News reported that the footage has sparked controversy, with House Republicans claiming it undermines the narrative that former President Trump was solely to blame for the events of that day.

In the video, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses the Capitol's lack of preparedness. She is shown being evacuated from the Capitol while speaking with her Chief of Staff, Terri McCullough.

Pelosi's aide replied that Capitol security believed they were prepared, to which Pelosi responded, "They clearly didn’t know, and I take responsibility for not having them just prepared for more."

Pelosi's Criticism of Security Measures

Pelosi's criticism of the situation is evident as she questions the Capitol's security measures. "This is ridiculous. You’re going to ask me in the middle of the thing when they’ve already breached…that, should we call the Capitol Police? I mean the National Guard? Why weren’t the National Guard there to begin with?" she says in the video.

The video was shared in a tweet by a House Republican panel, sparking debate over Pelosi's role in the security lapses. The footage also shows Pelosi criticizing Trump supporters for their actions during the riot, adding another layer of complexity to the discussion. House Republicans argue that the video contradicts the narrative that Trump was responsible for the riot. Rep. Barry Loudermilk accused the January 6 select committee of hiding evidence that contradicted their narrative.

Claims of Hidden Evidence by House Republicans

House Republicans claim that the January 6 Select Committee deleted records and hid evidence. The video in question was obtained from the House Administration Committee's subcommittee on oversight, led by Rep. Barry Loudermilk. Fox News Digital contacted Rep. Bennie Thompson, the former chair of the January 6 committee, for comment but did not provide an immediate response.

In the video, Pelosi is heard saying, "We have responsibility, Terri. We did not have any accountability for what was going on there. And we should have." This statement has been a focal point for Republicans who argue that Pelosi's actions and decisions were pivotal in the security failures that day.

Rep. Loudermilk's Response to the Video

Rep. Barry Loudermilk criticized the January 6 committee, stating, "The Democrats’ partisan January 6 select committee went to great lengths to suppress and hide any evidence that didn’t support their predetermined narrative about that day, including a video of Speaker Pelosi admitting her responsibility."

A spokesperson for Pelosi denied claims that she planned her assassination and highlighted her efforts to mobilize the defense of the Capitol. The spokesperson also stressed that Speaker Pelosi did not have control over the security of the Capitol complex on January 6 or any other day. Numerous independent fact-checkers have confirmed again and again that Speaker Pelosi did not plan her own assassination on January 6th.

Pelosi's Efforts to Mobilize Defense

According to her spokesperson:

As the footage in its entirety plainly shows, Speaker Pelosi sprang into action in response to the attack on the Capitol — mobilizing the defense of the Capitol, urging the Administration to deploy the National Guard and coordinating the continuity of government. Cherry-picked, out-of-context clips do not change the fact that the Speaker of the House is not in charge of the security of the Capitol Complex — on January 6th or any other day of the week.

The debate over the video continues to fuel partisan disagreements about the events of January 6. House Republicans maintain that the video supports their claims of bias and selective evidence by the January 6 committee. Meanwhile, Pelosi's team argues that her actions during the riot demonstrate her commitment to protecting the Capitol and its occupants.

Conclusion: Renewed Debate on January 6

The release of the January 6 video featuring Nancy Pelosi has reignited debates over responsibility and security failures during the Capitol riot. House Republicans argue that the video undermines the narrative that former President Trump was solely responsible for the events of that day. Pelosi's spokesperson has countered these claims, emphasizing her efforts to defend the Capitol. As both sides continue to present their arguments, the controversy surrounding January 6 remains a contentious issue in American politics.

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