Pelosi Sees Major Gains in Nvidia Trade

 June 7, 2024

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds a significantly profitable position in Nvidia stock through her husband's investments, leading to questions about potential insider trading.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is under the spotlight as analysts reveal her considerable gains from Nvidia stock investments. The financial platform revealed that these trades, conducted through her husband, Paul Pelosi, raised questions about potential insider trading.

Pelosi holds a profitable position in Nvidia (NASDAQ) stock. According to financial services platform Unusual Whales, Pelosi has nearly $4 million in gains from Nvidia call options purchased by her husband in November. These call options enable investors to buy shares at a predetermined price, which has proven beneficial for the Pelosis.

Analysts Track Congressional Trades And Gains

Unusual Whales reports that Pelosi's Nvidia call options are up +210% in 197 days and have yet to be sold. Her portfolio is currently near all-time highs, up 93%. Christopher Josephs, co-founder of Autopilot, confirmed the accuracy of Unusual Whales' figures despite the broad range of the initial investment ($1 million to $5 million).

Josephs highlighted the impressive performance of Pelosi's other stocks, such as CrowdStrike Holdings Inc (NASDAQ) and Google (NASDAQ), which are up 45% and 27% year-to-date, respectively. "This year, the Pelosi Portfolio not only has a winner in Nvidia, but her other stocks have also performed well," Josephs told FOX.

Pelosi's year-to-date performance is estimated at 28%, significantly outperforming the SPY by 16.5%. Despite this, a spokesperson for Rep. Pelosi stated, "Speaker Pelosi does not own any stocks, and she has no prior knowledge or subsequent involvement in any transactions."

Similar Scrutiny Faced In Previous Years

The recent scrutiny mirrors a similar situation in 2022 when Paul Pelosi's Nvidia trades faced public criticism. In 2022, Paul Pelosi acquired over $1 million in Nvidia call options just weeks before a congressional vote on subsidies for the chip manufacturing industry. This led to allegations of potential insider trading, prompting the sale of those options.

Despite the allegations, the spokesperson for Rep. Pelosi reiterated, "Speaker Pelosi does not own any stocks, and she has no involvement in transactions." This statement addressed the recurring concerns about the former Speaker's financial activities.

Unusual Whales emphasized the scale of Pelosi's gains, stating on X, "She is up +210% in 197 days & still not sold her calls. Pelosi has made twenty times her salary." This has fueled ongoing discussions about the ethics and legality of stock trading by Congress members and their families.

Public Concern And Legislative Implications

The public's concern over potential insider trading by Congress members has reignited debates about legislative reforms. Analysts and critics argue that stringent measures are necessary to ensure transparency and fairness in lawmakers' financial activities.

Pelosi's spokesperson has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, stressing her lack of involvement in stock transactions. Despite these assurances, the scrutiny persists, reflecting broader concerns about the integrity of financial dealings within the political sphere.

Pelosi's investment performance continues to attract attention, particularly as her portfolio achieves near-all-time highs. The significant gains from Nvidia and other stocks highlight the financial acumen of the Pelosis, but also underscore the need for clearer regulations.


Nancy Pelosi's profitable position in Nvidia stock, achieved through her husband's investments, has led to public scrutiny and questions about potential insider trading. Analysts track these trades closely, noting substantial gains and sparking discussions about legislative reforms to ensure transparency and fairness in Congress members' financial activities. Despite repeated denials of any wrongdoing from Pelosi's spokesperson, the issue remains a point of contention, highlighting the need for clearer regulations to maintain public trust in the political system.

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