Pelosi Claims Trump Has A ‘Cognitive Disorder’

 January 25, 2024

In a bold accusation, Representative Nancy Pelosi has leveled a significant charge at former President Donald Trump.

Representative Nancy Pelosi has openly accused Donald Trump of suffering from a cognitive disorder and misleading the public about the National Guard's deployment during a crisis.

Accusations of Deception and Disorder

In a recent appearance on KTTV-LA's "News at 6 PM," Nancy Pelosi, the seasoned Representative, delivered scathing remarks about former President Donald Trump, suggesting he suffers from a "cognitive disorder."

This inflammatory claim adds to the heated narrative that has embroiled Trump since his time in office. Pelosi's assertion questioned not only the mental capacity of the former president but also his integrity in handling a national crisis.

Pelosi stated:

But really more dangerous than getting us mixed up, more dangerous was his charge that we were not accepting his troops. We begged him for hours and hours. Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, to send the National Guard and he wouldn’t do it. His underlings, the Secretary of the Army and the Acting Secretary of the Defense wouldn’t do it.

Pelosi highlighted a situation where, according to her, Trump and his administration officials neglected to send the National Guard during a time when congressional leaders pleaded for support. This delay, she claimed, resulted in over 100 police officers being injured and fatalities, which she directly attributed to the lag in deploying necessary forces.

Questioning Trump's Narrative

At the center of Pelosi's critique was a recent statement by Trump at a campaign rally where he accused Nikki Haley of being responsible for the destruction of information and evidence. Trump's claim of offering 10,000 soldiers or National Guard members to an unspecified entity was met with Pelosi's stark refutation.

She countered that Trump's actions and statements were false and significantly detrimental to the nation's well-being during a crisis.

The controversy surrounding Trump's statements and Pelosi's rebuttal underscores the continuing political strife that plagues the American political landscape. Amidst these claims and counterclaims, the facts of what transpired during the crisis remain a point of contention, with Pelosi emphasizing the urgency of the situation and the alleged failings of the Trump administration.

The Impact of Delayed Action

According to Pelosi, the consequences of the alleged inaction were severe, with a tangible human cost. "For hours people suffered over well over 100 police officers were injured, people died," Pelosi lamented. This issue has become a flashpoint in discussions about accountability and the proper response of leadership during national emergencies.

Pelosi's comments included a direct accusation of incitement against Trump, linking him to an insurrection and deceit regarding the National Guard's deployment. She concluded her statement with a stern message about the rule of law and the repercussions she believes Trump should face, including a prohibition on his future presence in the White House for any reason.


Representative Nancy Pelosi has publicly accused former President Donald Trump of having a cognitive disorder and misleading the public regarding the deployment of the National Guard during a significant crisis.

Pelosi's statements add to the ongoing narrative of Trump's controversial post-presidency period, as she suggests his actions had dire consequences, including injuries to law enforcement and loss of life.

She called for Trump to be held accountable for these alleged failings and emphasized that he should never return to the White House. The gravity of Pelosi's claims and the implications for Trump's political future continues to be a polarizing topic within the national discourse.

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