Paul Pelosi Attacker Pleads Guilty

 November 17, 2023

David DePape was found guilty on all federal charges related to his violent attack on Paul Pelosi, the spouse of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The recent conviction of DePape marks a chilling episode in American history, where personal political obsessions escalated into a violent home invasion.

DePape, known for his extreme right-wing beliefs, was charged with multiple federal crimes, all of which were connected to his invasion of the Pelosi household and brutal attack on Paul Pelosi. This attack was reportedly fueled by DePape's desire to harm Paul Pelosi and kidnap Nancy Pelosi due to her Congressional role.

Timeline Leading up to the Attack

Before the incident, DePape, a known advocate for nudist rights, lived under a tree in Berkeley. It was during this time that he developed a fascination with right-wing conspiracy theories, which eventually led him to believe in the dangerous narrative that the Pelosis were part of a group harming the country.

On October 28, 2022, DePape broke into the Pelosi home in San Francisco armed with a hammer and zip ties. In his search for Nancy Pelosi, who was in Washington D.C. at the time, DePape attacked Paul Pelosi with the hammer, causing a fractured skull and multiple other injuries.

Just a week later, on November 3, DePape was indicted on federal charges related to the attack. The trial lasted four days, and the jury deliberated for eight hours before finding DePape guilty on all counts.

Continuing Legal Proceedings

While the federal conviction is a substantial development in this case, the legal proceedings against DePape are far from over. Currently, DePape faces a hearing scheduled for November 29 to address additional charges at the state level.

The state has charged DePape with attempted murder, assault, elder abuse, burglary, false imprisonment, and threats. These charges were placed in addition to the federal ones, emphasizing the gravity of his actions.

U.S. Attorney Ismail Ramsey spoke on the matter outside the San Francisco courthouse.

He said:

"What this guilty verdict on all counts sends is a clear message that regardless of what your beliefs are, what you cannot do is physically attack a member of Congress or their immediate family for their performance in their job."

Reaction From the Pelosi Family

While the events have understandably shaken the Pelosi family, they have expressed pride in Paul Pelosi's courage throughout this ordeal. A statement from Nancy Pelosi's office articulated this sentiment of admiration for the resilience shown by "Pop" Pelosi.

The statement read:

"The Pelosi family is very proud of their Pop, who demonstrated extraordinary composure and courage on the night of the attack a year ago and in the courtroom this week."

As the nation grapples with this horrifying event and its implications, it serves as a stark reminder of the potential danger of extreme ideologies when left unchecked.

DePape's Bizarre Plan

Further adding to the bizarre nature of this case, it was revealed that DePape had plans to interrogate Nancy Pelosi while wearing an inflatable unicorn costume and broadcast it online. This detail underscores the extent of DePape's delusions, driven by his obsession with conspiracy theories.

The incident, shocking in its violence and peculiarity, has left an indelible mark on the nation. It stands as a chilling reminder of the lengths to which unfounded beliefs can push individuals.

The events surrounding DePape's case continue to unfold, with the upcoming state hearing on November 29 expected to illuminate the depth of his crimes further.


  • David DePape was convicted on all federal charges related to his violent attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
  • DePape's obsession with right-wing conspiracy theories led him to believe the Pelosis were part of a dangerous group harming the country.
  • He attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer while searching for Nancy Pelosi, who was in Washington, D.C.
  • DePape's federal trial lasted four days, and the jury deliberated for eight hours before reaching a guilty verdict.
  • He still faces attempted murder and other felony charges in state court, with a hearing scheduled for November 29.
  • DePape had a bizarre plan to interrogate Nancy Pelosi while wearing an inflatable unicorn costume and broadcast it online.

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