Palace Intrigue: King Charles's Deception During Vulnerable Moment

 April 14, 2024

A royal scandal has taken center stage, featuring King Charles amidst a vulnerable period of his life.

According to Daily Mail, a senior courtier's manipulation led to a disputed palace appointment, revealing fissures within the royal establishment. King Charles had allegedly transferred power to the courtier.

Garter King Of Arms David White, a senior courtier, took advantage of King Charles's weakened state post-cancer treatment to secure a controversial appointment. This maneuver bypassed the traditional vetting process, angering close aides and sparking internal discord.

The incident unfolded while the King was in London, undergoing cancer treatment. David White's actions, meant to install Peter O'Donoghue in a significant role within the College of Arms, skirted the protocol that would have normally involved scrutiny by the King's private secretaries.

The Palace's Private Discontent Comes to Light

The revelation of the unauthorized approach to King Charles has stirred significant unrest among palace staff. Particularly infuriated were Colonel Michael Vernon and Sir Clive Alderton, revealing a deep rift within the royal household.

David White, who assumed his position in 2021, has previously been at the center of controversies. Notably, his omission from the honors list due to a protocol misstep at the Queen’s funeral preludes his latest actions which seem to embolden his critics.

A comment captured inadvertently suggests David White understood the gravity of his actions. "S***. She has got wind. She's got wind of the fact that I nominated Peter O'Donoghue, that he had been put forward." This realization marks a turning point, exposing the clandestine operations within the Palace's walls.

The Aftershock and Buckingham's Stoic Silence

The affair's exposure has forced Buckingham Palace into a delicate position, with officials opting to stay silent. This choice underscores the intricate balancing act essential to managing royal affairs and preserving the dignity of the monarchy.

It's disconcerting to witness the exploitation of King Charles's medical vulnerability for political maneuvering. "When the King is in London he is here to receive treatment and therefore that can often be a challenging time for him. The aides closest to Charles knew him well enough to know he should have been left in peace at that time," a palace insider remarked, shedding light on the psychological toll such deception could have on the monarch.

White's covert strategy to appoint his chosen candidate, bypassing the scrutiny of those closest to the King, illuminates the shadowy intricacies of power within the Palace. His refusal to comment on the situation only adds to the mystery and speculation surrounding the event.

The corrective action taken by the King's private secretary, necessitating an embarrassing about-turn, highlights the complexities inherent in royal personnel matters. It is indicative of a larger conversation about trust, loyalty, and protocol within one of the world's most scrutinized institutions.


This episode lays bare the challenges of governance within the royal household. It underscores the need for stringent adherence to protocol, particularly during moments of vulnerability.

David White's manipulation, the resulting uproar, and the palace's muted response bring to the forefront issues of trust and procedure that are central to the effective functioning of the monarchy.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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