Over 100 Federal Investigations Opened In U.S. Stemming From Oct. 7

 December 26, 2023

In an era of unease, the specter of terrorism haunts the United States anew.

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco has announced the initiation of over 100 federal investigations related to the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel.

In a sobering interview on ABC News' "This Week," Monaco painted a grim picture of the current threat landscape in the United States. The recent surge in violence and threats, particularly against the Jewish community, underscores a shift in the origin of terror threats. Unlike the premeditated, large-scale attacks that characterized the 9/11 era, today's concerns center around radicalized individuals or small groups, often influenced by online ecosystems.

A New Wave of Threats

Monaco noted the evolving nature of threats since the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001. The focus once on sophisticated, foreign-driven plots has now shifted to the unpredictable nature of self-radicalized actors. These individuals or small groups are swayed by foreign terrorist ideologies or domestic issues, a change that has made threat detection and prevention significantly more complex.

The Deputy Attorney General highlighted the role of foreign terrorist organizations in this new dynamic. She explained how these groups are now urging their supporters in the West to undertake "lone wolf" attacks—acts of terror perpetrated by individuals acting independently. This strategy represents a decentralized approach to terrorism that can be harder to predict and prevent.

The impact of conflicts overseas, particularly the visceral images from the October 7 attacks, has also played a role in radicalizing individuals in the U.S. Some of these individuals, according to Monaco, take "twisted inspiration" from such events and pose a domestic threat as a result. The increase in threats against the Jewish community is one of the most alarming indicators of this trend.

Challenges in Counterterrorism

During her interview, Monaco expressed her concerns about the current situation. "I think we are in a very, very challenging threat environment," she said, underscoring the complexity of the situation. The change in the nature of terrorist threats requires a shift in law enforcement tactics and counterterrorism strategies.

The challenge is not only in detecting these threats but also in responding to them effectively. With the rise of online platforms, radicalization can occur quickly and in isolation, making it difficult for authorities to track and intervene. Monaco's discussion indicates that national security agencies must continuously adapt to these evolving threats.

The fallout from the October 7 terrorist attack illustrates the global reach of such events. The ripple effects are felt not just at the site of the attack but also in far-off places, including the United States. This reality has led to the FBI following up on nearly 2,000 reports, resulting in over 100 criminal investigations being opened to address this wave of violence and threats.

The Surge Against the Jewish Community

Perhaps the most stark manifestation of this trend is the notable increase in anti-Semitic incidents. "There has been an explosion in violence and violent threats against the Jewish community," Monaco stated. This disturbing surge has prompted a robust law enforcement response.

But the issue is not just one of law enforcement; it also touches on the social fabric of the nation. The Jewish community's sense of security has been shaken, necessitating both a legal and communal response. It is a stark reminder that the impact of international events can have deeply personal and local repercussions.

The FBI's response has been comprehensive, following up on thousands of reports and initiating investigations. Yet, the fight against this wave of hate-fueled violence is ongoing and requires vigilance from both the authorities and the public.

“During 9/11 our focus was on sophisticated plots driven by foreign terrorist organizations with catastrophic effect. Today I think we’re in a unique moment where what we’re most worried about are individuals or small groups who are often radicalized online and who are motivated by and influenced by a range of ideologies from foreign terrorism and foreign terrorist organizations to domestic grievances.”


The shift from organized terrorist networks to lone wolves and small groups presents a daunting challenge for U.S. security agencies.

  • Over 100 federal investigations have been opened in response to the attack.
  • The current threat environment is characterized by the radicalization of individuals and small groups, often influenced by online content.
  • There has been a significant increase in violence and threats against the Jewish community in the U.S.
  • The FBI has followed up on nearly 2,000 reports, leading to numerous criminal investigations.

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