Oprah Winfrey Hospitalized Due to Severe Stomach Pain; Weight Loss Drug Speculation Arises

 July 10, 2024

Oprah Winfrey, a prominent media mogul, recently endured a severe health scare due to intense stomach pains that necessitated her hospitalization.

Public speculation has linked her health issues to a weight-loss drug, although close associates have denied such claims.

According to Newsner Stories, Winfrey’s absence was felt earlier this month on CBS Mornings, a platform she frequently uses to announce her eagerly anticipated book club selections. Her longtime friend and colleague, Gayle King, stepped in to replace her.

Details of Oprah's Illness Shared by Gayle King

King provided a candid description of Winfrey’s symptoms on air, explaining the severity of the gastrointestinal troubles that led to Winfrey's hospital admission.

Stuff was coming out of both ends...I won’t get too graphic...Needless to say, she ended up in the hospital. Dehydration, she had an IV, so it was a very serious his. She will be OK. I hope she’s not mad at me for sharing that detail, but I wanted to make it clear that it mattered to her, and it bothered her that she couldn't be here for you today.

Shortly after her 2023 revelation of being on prescription weight loss medication, the public began drawing parallels between her condition and her medication use. The drugs, akin to Ozempic or Wegovy, influence the brain’s satiety centers and can trigger diarrhea, among other side effects.

Close Friend Denies Medication Caused Health Issues

A close friend of Winfrey, speaking to the LA Times, was quick to clarify that Winfrey's health issues were not linked to her weight management medication: "Her illness has no relation to weight loss medications." This revelation came amidst a flurry of online debates and public discourse on the matter.

Winfrey herself endorsed the benefits of the prescribed medication back in December 2023, expressing how meaningful it was to have medical support in managing her weight, which she described as a “relief, like redemption, like a gift...”

Despite the assurances from people close to Winfrey, her condition sparked a broader discussion on the consequences of such medications and whether celebrities like Winfrey should openly endorse them.

Public Reaction to Oprah's Medication Use

Social media and other platforms have seen a mix of criticism and support directed at Winfrey. Some expressed disapproval of her using medication for weight loss, while others defended her right to choose her methods of health management. Online comments reflected a spectrum of opinions on the implications of Ozempic and its side effects.

Winfrey has previously talked about the challenges and public scrutiny she faced over her weight, marking her openness about using prescribed medications as a turning point in her personal and public life narrative regarding body image.

Reflecting on her past experiences with public scrutiny, Winfrey shared, “It was public sport to make fun of me for 25 years. I have been blamed and shamed, and I blamed and shamed myself... I’m done with the shaming from other people and particularly myself.”


Oprah Winfrey's recent hospitalization sheds light not only on her personal health challenges but also on the broader dynamics of celebrity health disclosures and public reactions. Despite her friends' clarifications, the intersection of celebrity, health advocacy, and public opinion remains a complex and often contentious domain. As Winfrey recuperates, the discussion around the safety and perception of weight loss treatments is likely to continue, reflecting the ongoing public fascination with the wellness choices of public figures.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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