Official Calls For New Scott Peterson Investigation - Blood Evidence Located

 January 22, 2024

A startling revelation has emerged in the infamous case of Scott Peterson, convicted in 2002 for the murder of his pregnant wife, Laci, and their unborn son.

Bryan Spitulski, a former investigator, has found potential blood evidence in a burnt van near the Petersons' residence, casting new light on the case.

Bryan Spitulski, formerly with the Modesto Fire Department, investigated a burnt van in the vicinity of the Petersons' home, which contained a blood-stained mattress. He believed this crucial piece of evidence merited further testing. This development comes amidst ongoing efforts by the Los Angeles Innocence Project to re-examine Peterson's claim of innocence and scrutinize previously overlooked evidence.

Now 51, Scott Peterson has consistently maintained his innocence since his conviction for the murders. His legal team has highlighted several aspects of the case, including blood spatter in their home unrelated to Scott, a burglary across the street, and evidence discovered where Laci's body was found, to assert his innocence.

Unresolved questions and reevaluation of evidence

Peterson's case has been marred by controversy and legal challenges. Originally sentenced to death, his sentence was overturned in 2020 due to issues during juror screening. However, a recent attempt to secure a retrial was denied by a judge despite claims of juror bias.

The involvement of juror Richelle Nice has been a point of contention. She wrote 17 letters to Peterson post-trial and had previously omitted her experience as a survivor of domestic abuse. The judge ruled that while she acted emotionally, it did not constitute wrongdoing.

Spitulski's findings introduce a new dimension to the case, raising questions about the initial investigation and potential evidence overlooked. He expressed his neutrality in the matter, emphasizing his focus on the investigation of the burnt vehicle and the blood found on its mattress.

New perspectives on a decades-old case

Bryan Spitulski reflected on the significance of his discovery. He stated, "I don't know that I was tying the moment to Laci, I was more tying the moment that it was human blood." His findings could potentially shift the narrative surrounding the case.

Spitulski also commented on the broader implications of his discovery. He said, "It made it like this was much more important than just a burned vehicle that somebody was just wanting to get rid of or cover up a simple crime."

Spitulski further elaborated on his role and perspective in this complex case. He asserted:

I don't have an agenda or an opinion on his guilt or his innocence. This is, for me, a fire investigation in a vehicle that has blood, possible blood, on the mattress, and that right there is important.

Reflecting on a lingering mystery

The case of Scott Peterson has remained a topic of public interest and debate since Laci's disappearance on December 24, 2002. Her body, along with that of their unborn son Conner, was found washed up on the San Francisco Bay shoreline in April 2003. This led to Peterson's conviction in November 2004 and subsequent sentencing to death in December of the same year.

Following the overturning of his death sentence in August 2020, Peterson's lawyers have been actively seeking a new trial. They have focused on the burnt-out van, the nearby burglary, and the evidence found at the Bay in their filings, as reported by NBC News.

Spitulski expressed a sentiment about the case that has lingered over the years. He said, "This has always been one of those things that kind of sits in the back of your head and kind of bugs you a little bit, and you kind of wonder why this didn't happen or why it wasn't brought up."


The case of Scott Peterson remains a complex and evolving legal saga. With the introduction of new evidence by Bryan Spitulski and the ongoing efforts of the Los Angeles Innocence Project, questions about Peterson's innocence or guilt continue to surface. While his death sentence has been overturned, the denial of a retrial and the involvement of juror Richelle Nice add layers to this multifaceted case. As the investigation into the blood evidence in the burnt van near the Petersons' home progresses, it may shed new light on a case that has captivated the nation for over two decades.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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