Obama’s Former Police Protection Officer Found Dead At Train Station

 January 23, 2024

A tragic end has come for a respected figure in law enforcement and sports.

Rowan Andrews, a former police protection officer for Barack Obama, was found dead at Laverton Railway Station on January 12.

Andrews' Illustrious Career and Early Beginnings

Rowan Andrews, aged 38, began his policing career in 2016, quickly rising through the ranks. His early career showcased a blend of discipline and dedication.

Before policing, Andrews was a remarkable Australian Football League (AFL) player. Drafted by the Adelaide Crows at 18, he demonstrated exceptional sporting abilities.

Andrews played for Tasmania in the VFL, Ainslie Football Club in the NEAFL, and Avoca in Victoria, earning acclaim across Australia.

A Legacy in Law Enforcement

Andrews' law enforcement career was marked by significant achievements and responsibilities. His selection for former US President Barack Obama's personal protection team highlighted his capabilities.

He attended the CPP Skills Enhancements course, a testament to his exceptional skills in policing. Andrews was a member of the Critical Incident Response Team before joining the Close Personal Protection Unit.

Throughout his tenure, Andrews safeguarded several notable dignitaries, displaying his unwavering commitment and trustworthiness.

Personal Life and Tragic End

Beyond his professional life, Andrews was a devoted father. He is survived by two children, leaving behind a legacy as a family man.

Originally from Hobart, Tasmania, Andrews’ journey from a young AFL player to a respected protection officer was remarkable.

His untimely death at Laverton Railway Station, just before 5 am on January 12, has been a shock to many. The circumstances of his death are not being treated as suspicious. A GoFundMe has been established for his young family, reflecting the community's respect and desire to support those he left behind.

Aiden Rischin, in a tribute on GoFundMe, stated:

His ability at policing earned him a well-deserved place at the Critical Incident Response Team. Here, he showcased exceptional skills and leadership, securing him a position at Close Personal Protection Unit. Highlights included playing for Tasmania in the VFL, consecutive premierships with Ainslie Football Club in the NEAFL, and claiming the best and fairest title at Avoca in Victoria after only playing 10 games that season.

Remembering a Dedicated Professional

Rowan Andrews’ life was a blend of sporting excellence and dedicated policing service. His journey from an AFL player to a protection officer for one of the world's most prominent leaders is noteworthy.

His commitment to his roles, whether on the sports field or in the line of duty, was evident. Andrews' dedication to his family, career, and community set a commendable example.

His passing leaves a void in both the law enforcement and sporting communities. Andrews will be remembered as a man who excelled in every aspect of his life.


The life and untimely death of Rowan Andrews, a former police protection officer for Barack Obama, is a story of dedication, skill, and tragedy.

His career began in the Australian Football League and led to a distinguished role in law enforcement. Andrews protected notable dignitaries, including Barack Obama, demonstrating his trustworthiness and capabilities. He is remembered as a dedicated father, respected colleague, and talented athlete.

His death at Laverton Railway Station is a reminder of the unpredictability of life, leaving a lasting impact on those who knew him and the communities he served.

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