Obama 2012 Campaign Manager Calls Out Joe In Blow To Obama Friendship

By Victor Winston, updated on March 2, 2024

Jim Messina emphasized the need for President Joe Biden to directly address public concerns regarding his age and to outline a bold vision for America's future in his upcoming State of the Union speech, amid growing skepticism about his ability to continue in office. Messina, a former Obama official, turned against Michelle and Barrack with the public outcry, distancing himself from the family.

Messina's insights come at a time when Biden's fitness for office has been increasingly questioned, not just by political adversaries but also by the electorate at large.

Jim Messina, who successfully managed former President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, recently spoke with Politico Playbook about the pivotal importance of the upcoming State of the Union address for President Joe Biden. Messina believes it's critical for Biden to confront head-on the voter concerns about his age and to demonstrate both his job performance and his plans for the country's future. This advice is particularly salient as Biden has faced scrutiny over his mental acuity and physical capability to lead the nation.

A Critical Moment for Biden's Presidency

At a challenging press conference following the release of Robert Hur’s report on Biden's handling of classified documents, Biden's age and mental sharpness came under direct question, which he responded to defensively. This incident underscored the growing skepticism around his fitness for office. According to a Harvard-Harris poll conducted from February 21-22, a staggering 59% of registered voters expressed doubts about Biden's fitness for office, with 67% stating he showed signs of being too old. Furthermore, an NBC News poll conducted from January 26-30 revealed that 89% of voters harbored concerns about Biden’s mental and physical health for a second term.

Adding to the president's challenges, national polling and surveys in crucial swing states have shown Biden trailing behind former President Donald Trump, signaling potential electoral headwinds for his presumed reelection bid. The underlying concerns about Biden's age, emphasized by these polls, suggest a precarious path forward for the Democratic incumbent. Voters' apprehension about Biden's capability to serve another term has become a pivotal issue that could influence the political landscape leading up to the next presidential election.

Before continuing to the narrative, here is a quote from Jim Messina, "Voters want to see him do his job. They want to see him talk about this stuff. They want to answer any age questions they may or may not have. They want to hear what he’s going to do to make their lives better."

Biden's Opportunity to Address Concerns

The upcoming State of the Union address presents a significant opportunity for Joe Biden to mitigate these concerns by showcasing his mental sharpness, physical stamina, and a forward-looking agenda aimed at improving the lives of Americans amid pressing national challenges. Messina’s perspective accentuates the necessity for Biden to not only alleviate fears over his age but also to affirm his leadership and vision for the nation, Breitbart reported.

In the broader context of American politics, the issue of a leader's age and fitness has long been a delicate subject. With an electorate increasingly split across ideological lines, the ability of Biden to convincingly address these concerns could serve as a crucial pivot point for his presidency. To regain the confidence of the American public, Biden must leverage the State of the Union address to demonstrate vigor, competence, and a compelling plan for America's future.

President Joe Biden found himself defensively responding to a reporter's probing about his age during a press conference, stating, "How in the hell dare he raise that." This exchange underscores the tension between public perception and political reality, where questions of age and fitness have moved from the periphery to center stage in the national conversation about leadership. An interesting narrative also emerged regarding Biden's mention of Beau Biden’s death, where an NBC News report clarified that "Biden brought the timing of Beau’s death up himself and that Hur had not asked such a question." This incident illustrates the personal challenges Biden faces amidst political scrutiny, further complicating the public discourse around his presidency.


As the State of the Union address looms, the political atmosphere is ripe with anticipation over how President Joe Biden will navigate these multifaceted challenges. With the wisdom of seasoned campaigners like Jim Messina pointing the way, Biden's speech could very well serve as a defining moment in his presidency. Addressing the concerns about his age head-on and outlining a clear, ambitious vision for the future might not only quell lingering doubts but also reinvigorate his base and the broader electorate.

The advice from Jim Messina for President Joe Biden to directly address concerns about his age and articulate a compelling vision for America's future comes at a critical juncture. Amid growing doubts about Biden's fitness for office, widespread concern over his mental and physical capabilities, and polling challenges against potential rivals, the upcoming State of the Union address offers an unparalleled opportunity for Biden to reset the narrative.

The ability to convincingly do so may very well determine the trajectory of his presidency and his place in the upcoming electoral battle.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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