NH Gov Chris Sununu Declares Chris Christie’s Campaign Dead

 December 31, 2023

In a striking political move, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has publicly endorsed Nikki Haley for the presidential candidacy, sidelining his friend and fellow Republican, Chris Christie.

In a candid declaration, Sununu deemed Christie's campaign in New Hampshire an "absolute dead end," casting doubt on its future success.

Sununu's endorsement of Haley over Christie earlier this month marked a significant shift in the Republican political landscape. This endorsement comes despite Sununu's personal friendship with Christie, suggesting a strategic alignment with Haley's political vision.

Christie’s Struggle in New Hampshire's Political Arena

Chris Christie, known for his direct and often controversial approach, has dedicated considerable effort to campaigning in New Hampshire. He focused on appealing to independent voters with a strong anti-Trump narrative. However, his efforts seem to have faltered, with recent polls placing him a distant third in the state, trailing significantly behind Donald Trump.

Sununu expressed concerns about Christie's singular focus on Trump. He indicated that Christie's campaign had reached its limits in terms of voter appeal and was unlikely to secure any delegates in the upcoming New Hampshire primary.

Speaking on Christie's campaign, Sununu remarked:

Chris is only talking about Trump. That’s it, he’s kind of a one-man show. And I know he says he wants to stay in the race to speak the truth about Trump, but that translating to votes in a primary is a very different thing and he’s hit a ceiling. And right now, he probably wouldn’t even get any delegates in the state of New Hampshire.

Haley's Misstep and Christie's Response

Recently, Nikki Haley faced scrutiny over her response to a question about the Civil War during a town hall. She stumbled in her answer, sparking a wave of criticism. Haley, however, quickly addressed this misstep the following day in a radio interview, seeking to clarify her comments.

In response to Haley's gaffe, a spokesperson for Christie's campaign highlighted the significance of truth in political discourse. They argued that Haley's difficulty in answering a straightforward question underlines the importance of Christie's long-standing message.

The spokesperson for Christie articulated:

The events of the last few days fully solidifies the point that Christie has been making for six months. That the truth matters and if you can’t answer the easy questions, you can’t fix the big problems.

Sununu's Perspective on Christie's Campaign Prospects

Despite his critical view of Christie's campaign, Sununu stopped short of directly advising Christie to withdraw from the race. He expressed his belief that Christie would ultimately make the right decision regarding his campaign's future.

Sununu further suggested that Donald Trump might be the only prominent figure who benefits from Christie staying in the race. This remark hints at the complex dynamics within the Republican party and the upcoming primary in New Hampshire.

This development in New Hampshire's political scene reveals the evolving strategies and alignments within the Republican Party. The primary in New Hampshire remains a critical juncture for the candidates, shaping the future course of their campaigns.


  • Gov. Chris Sununu endorsed Nikki Haley over Chris Christie for president.
  • Sununu described Christie's campaign as being at an "absolute dead end" in New Hampshire.
  • Christie's campaign has focused heavily on an anti-Trump message, targeting independent voters.
  • Despite efforts, Christie is polling significantly behind in New Hampshire.
  • Sununu expressed that Christie's campaign has reached its limits and is unlikely to secure delegates.
  • A spokesperson for Christie emphasized the importance of truth in response to Haley's Civil War comment mishap.
  • Haley clarified her Civil War comments after stumbling into a town hall.
  • Sununu implied that Trump might only benefit from Christie's continued campaign.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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