NFL Kicker Brandon McManus Accused of Sexual Assault in Lawsuit

 May 27, 2024

A professional NFL player, Brandon McManus, is presently embroiled in severe allegations.

Two flight attendants have accused McManus of sexual assault during a Jacksonville Jaguars team flight, Fox News reported,

According to the lawsuit filed on May 24, 2024, the incidents involving McManus and the two women, identified in court documents as Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II, unfolded aboard an international flight in the 2023 NFL season. The plaintiffs assert that McManus rubbed and ground himself against them, exhibiting inappropriate behaviors that escalated the emotional stress they claim to endure.

Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II described a flight that devolved into a chaotic party scene. Allegedly, McManus not only assaulted them but also threw $100 bills at attendants, coaxing them to dance provocatively.

A Witness's Account of Teammate's Discomfort

One of the Jane Does recounted a particular interaction where he smirked after confronting McManus about his actions and walked away with apparent disregard. This attitude was witnessed against a backdrop where at least one of McManus's teammates felt visible discomfort, seemingly ashamed by the unfolding events.

Reflecting further on the incident, Jane Doe mentioned an encounter where McManus tried to kiss her, an action that left her feeling violated and humiliated. The impact of these actions was profound, causing significant mental anguish and anxiety among the victims.

Jaguars and NFL Under Scrutiny for Oversight

The lawsuit also implicates the Jacksonville Jaguars, McManus's team at the time, accusing them of failing to supervise adequately and maintaining a safe environment for all team staff during the flight. This claim raises questions about the broader team and organizational protocols for handling such situations.

As the case unfolds, more reports of inappropriate behavior have surfaced. Other teammates, though not specified in the lawsuit, are also alleged to have invaded the personal space of flight attendants, contributing to the uncomfortable atmosphere.

Here is a complete statement from the accusers:

McManus was allegedly involved in actions that severely undermined the dignity of Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II, treating them not as professionals but as mere objects for entertainment.

Reactions from the NFL and the Washington Commanders

The allegations have stirred reactions from various quarters. The Washington Commanders, where McManus currently plays, released a statement: "Earlier today, we were made aware of the civil lawsuit filed on May 24 against Brandon McManus. We take allegations of this nature very seriously and look into the matter. We have communicated with the League Office and Brandon's representation and will reserve further comment now."

While the NFL and the Washington Commanders have begun investigations, the Jacksonville Jaguars have not yet released a statement regarding the lawsuit.

The legal repercussions for McManus and the implicated organizations are yet unclear, but the allegations have cast a shadow over his career. His conduct on the flights, as described by the plaintiffs, suggests a grave departure from the professionalism expected of someone in his position.

In conclusion, this lawsuit-challenged behavior affects the involved parties and poses significant reputational risks for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the NFL. The outcomes of the ongoing investigations and the judicial process will be crucial in determining the future steps and addressing the systemic issues possibly at play within professional sports environments.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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