Newsom to appoint Feinstein’s successor

By Victor Winston, updated on September 30, 2023

The political landscape in California is complex. Several Democrats, including Representatives Katie Porter, Adam Schiff, and Barbara Lee, are competing for a chance to move to the Senate.

As America faces potential governmental challenges, the need for a replacement becomes more pressing.

The passing of Senator Feinstein has left the Democrats with a slim majority in the Senate. Their leverage in various matters is now compromised until a new senator is appointed.

With Feinstein's seat vacant, the Senate Democrats' majority has dwindled to a mere one seat. This change has significant implications for the party's influence on Capitol Hill.

As the government faces a potential shutdown, the stakes are high. The House of Representatives has made progress on several appropriations bills, but the Senate has yet to pass any.

Government shutdown looms large

Speaker Kevin McCarthy highlighted the House's efforts, noting they've passed over 70% of the discretionary spending on appropriations. Yet, the Senate's inaction remains a concern.

McCarthy expressed hope that the Democrats would collaborate to prevent a government shutdown. He emphasized the need for a continuing resolution to fund the government and ensure border security.

Efforts are underway in the Senate to pass a stop-gap bill, which includes funding for Ukraine. This bill aims to keep the government operational until mid-November, Breitbart reported.

Pressure mounts on Newsom

Given the Senate's current dynamics, every vote counts. This situation places immense pressure on Governor Newsom to make a swift appointment.

Replacing Feinstein was a scenario Newsom hoped to avoid. Rumors regarding Feinstein's health and cognitive abilities had been circulating, but she intended to complete her term without seeking reelection.

In a past interview, Newsom had expressed his intention to appoint a black woman to the Senate if Feinstein retired. He confirmed having multiple candidates in mind for the role.

Political dynamics in California

Amidst congressional spending battles, Governor Gavin Newsom is under pressure to swiftly appoint a successor for the late Senator Dianne Feinstein, a tragic loss for a seasoned politician.

However, Newsom has clarified that he won't appoint any of these candidates to Feinstein's seat temporarily. He expressed his desire to remain neutral in the upcoming primary.

Lee expressed her disappointment with Newsom's stance. She felt that appointing a Black woman merely as a placeholder was demeaning to the countless Black women who have supported the Democratic Party.

Remembering Feinstein's legacy

Despite the political turmoil, Governor Newsom took a moment to honor Senator Feinstein. He recognized her as a trailblazing US Senator and an advocate for gun control.

Feinstein's leadership during challenging times was commendable. Newsom's statement highlighted her significant contributions to the nation.

As the nation mourns the loss of a dedicated public servant, the political arena awaits Newsom's decision on her successor.


  • Feinstein's passing has shifted the dynamics in the Senate, putting Democrats in a vulnerable position.
  • The looming government shutdown and the Senate's inaction on appropriations bills heighten the urgency for a replacement.
  • Newsom faces pressure to appoint a successor swiftly, amidst complex political dynamics in California.
  • Feinstein's legacy as a trailblazing senator and advocate for gun control is remembered and celebrated.

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