New Evidence Released In Hunter Biden Case

 December 7, 2023

Shocking revelations have emerged in the case involving Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden.

New evidence suggests that Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris provided substantial financial help to Hunter Biden in 2020 as his father campaigned for the presidency, prompting concerns about possible illicit campaign finance activity.

According to the documents, Morris lent Hunter Biden significant money to settle tax debts and cover other expenses. Morris warned that these tax issues could pose a "considerable risk personally and politically." A crisis meeting that lasted 2.5 hours took place at Morris' Los Angeles residence. Attendees included Hunter Biden's lawyers and accountants, who gathered to discuss the impending issues.

Contradicting Accounts of the Crisis Meeting

IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler has supplied this new evidence to the House Ways and Means Committee. It uncovers an alleged effort by Hunter Biden to hide tax issues, with the assistance of Morris, during the heat of the 2020 presidential campaign.

However, Hunter Biden's accountant has stated that the tax returns were not a topic of discussion at the meeting. This claim contrasts with the contents of the emails, which show Morris pressing for the returns to be filed promptly due to the "personal and political risk."

Ziegler informed the committee that Hunter Biden was also dealing with pressure from a paternity case, which added to the tax issues during this time. Corroborating previous reports, Ziegler confirmed that Morris had spent nearly $5 million on Hunter Biden's debts and personal expenses.

Allegations of Illicit Campaign Finance Activities

This substantial financial assistance has raised eyebrows, leading to concerns of potentially unlawful campaign finance activities aimed at hiding these issues from the public eye.

The crisis meeting at Morris's home occurred during a challenging period for Biden's campaign in the 2020 Democratic primaries. Concurrently, Biden was dealing with the fallout from Hunter Biden's paternity case.

However, by March 2020, as Joe Biden's campaign began its recovery, James Biden, Hunter's uncle, expressed gratitude to Morris on behalf of the family. Kevin Morris's email to Hunter Biden's accountant on Feb. 7, 2020, stated:

"Emergency is off for today. Still need to file Monday- we are under considerable risk personally and politically to get the returns in... Sorry for the pressure earlier. Please send the issues list ASAP."

IRS Whistleblower's Striking Testimony

Representing IRS whistleblowers, Tristan Leavitt, president of Empower Oversight, shared additional background information. Leavitt revealed that Morris began loaning money to Hunter Biden within a few months of meeting him at a campaign fundraiser in December 2019.

"[As] the whistleblowers have shared some information previously regarding, Kevin Morris is someone who was donating or 'loaning' money to Hunter Biden, within just a couple months of having met him at a campaign fundraiser, New York Times reports, it was in December of 2019."

Joseph Ziegler's testimony to the committee was especially revealing. He stated, "Hunter received approximately $4.9 million in payments for personal expenses, again in the form of a loan and gift from Democratic Donor Kevin Patrick Morris."


  • New evidence implicates Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris for allegedly helping Hunter Biden conceal tax issues during the 2020 presidential campaign.
  • Hunter Biden reportedly received millions in loans from Morris to pay for tax debts and other expenses.
  • IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler has provided documents to the House Ways and Means Committee showing Morris' involvement.
  • A crisis meeting was held at Morris' home, but Hunter Biden's accountant denies that tax returns were discussed.
  • While Joe Biden's campaign was struggling, Hunter Biden dealt with a paternity case and tax issues.

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