Netanyahu Set for Surgery Amid National Turmoil

By Victor Winston, updated on March 31, 2024

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming hernia surgery adds a personal challenge amidst a backdrop of national strife and dwindling support.

Amid an ongoing conflict with Hamas and domestic turmoil, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is slated to undergo hernia surgery, further straining national tensions, USA Today reported.

Netanyahu's office announced that the hernia was detected during a routine checkup on a recent Saturday night. This discovery necessitates surgery under general anesthesia, scheduled for the following Sunday. This medical procedure marks Netanyahu's second hernia operation, the first occurring in August 2013.

At a recent news conference, Netanyahu expressed confidence in his rapid recovery and return to duties, stating, "I assure you that I will get through this treatment successfully and return to action very quickly."

A Leader's Health and a Nation's Heartache

Netanyahu's health has been a concern before; last July, amidst what has been described as Israel's worst domestic crisis in decades, he was fitted with a pacemaker.

The internal conflict peaked due to widespread protests against Netanyahu's judicial overhaul plan. These protests abruptly ceased on October 7, following a severe Hamas attack on southern Israel, leading to significant casualties and hostage-taking.

In retaliation, Israel initiated a major offensive in Gaza aiming to end Hamas' rule and cripple its military power, an operation resulting in the loss of over 32,000 Palestinian lives. During a meeting with GOP lawmakers, Netanyahu emphasized his commitment to continue the offensive, criticizing the stance of a Democratic leader and highlighting the intensity of the situation.

The conflict with Hamas and the controversy over Netanyahu's judicial reform and ongoing corruption trial have seen his popularity plummet. The public's unrest is evident from the steady protests demanding the return of about 130 hostages still held in Gaza. Additionally, Netanyahu's government is grappling with a fresh crisis concerning military service exemptions for ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.

Leadership Amidst Adversity

Further complicating the political landscape, Netanyahu, currently in his sixth term as prime minister, holds the record as Israel's longest-serving leader. He also bears the distinction of being the first sitting premier to face indictment for corruption. During Netanyahu's surgery, Justice Minister Yariv Levin will assume the role of acting prime minister.

Netanyahu's previous hernia surgery in August 2013 and his recent pacemaker fitting underscore ongoing health concerns. This, coupled with the extensive loss of life from the conflict with Hamas and the turmoil within Israel, paints a picture of a nation and its leader under severe strain.

The war's devastating toll, both in terms of human lives and Netanyahu's popularity, alongside the domestic crisis over judicial reforms and his corruption trial, underlines the multifaceted challenges facing Israel. Netanyahu's determination to press on with the Gaza offensive, despite criticism, and his assurance of a swift return post-surgery underscore a tumultuous period in Israeli politics.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's impending hernia surgery unfolds against a backdrop of an ongoing war with Hamas, plummeting public support, and a contentious political atmosphere.

His health issues, the immense civilian casualties from the war, protests against his leadership, and legal controversies highlight the profound challenges confronting Netanyahu and Israel. As Netanyahu prepares for surgery, the nation remains embroiled in conflict and domestic upheaval, awaiting his quick return to navigate these turbulent times.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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