Navy SEAL Turns Against Establishment Media And Leads Bill Pinning Immigration Failures On Biden

By Victor Winston, updated on March 8, 2024

The topic of border security never strays far from the national conversation, particularly when figures such as Rep. Morgan Luttrell step forward with legislative proposals intended to cast light on the shadows where danger often lurks.

Former Navy SEAL and Representative Morgan Luttrell recently introduced a legislative bill demanding more accountability and transparency about terrorists and cartel members attempting to breach U.S. borders, Daily Mail reported.

Luttrell, leveraging his esteemed military background now turned to politics, has made it his mission to toughen the stance on border security. His latest legislative effort calls for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to issue monthly reports publicly. Such reports would detail the apprehension of individuals associated with foreign terrorist organizations and drug cartels, shedding light on a critical aspect of national security that remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Since the fiscal year 2021 began, there has been an alarming count of 294 illegal migrants identified on the terrorist watchlist apprehended at the southern border. This figure, as significant as it is, doesn’t include the potential "getaways," whose numbers remain undisclosed, adding complexity and concern to the issue. This statistic underscores the urgency behind Luttrell’s proposal and fuels the debate over the current administration's policies on border security.

Luttrell’s Legislative Battle Against Cartels

Rep. Morgan Luttrell's criticism of the Biden administration’s border policies sheds light on a broader, multifaceted problem. He argues that the control ceded to dangerous cartels, which thrive on human and drug trafficking, represents a profound failure of policy.

His concern is not only with the numbers but with the very nature of the threat presented by these criminal organizations and their impact on American communities. This perspective anchors the bill’s requirement for detailed reporting by the CBP, aiming to offer a clearer picture of the daily challenges and dangers patrollers face.

In response to these concerns, Luttrell has not limited his legislative efforts to this proposal. This year has seen him introduce several bills targeting border security issues, with a specific focus on combating the influence and intrusion of cartel members. This includes proposed legislation that would authorize National Guardsmen to employ lethal force against armed invaders, a controversial but telling sign of the perceived level of threat.

Luttrell and Sen. Tom Cotton aimed the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), identified as a paramount threat due to its involvement in violent crimes and drug trafficking. This focus on the CJNG specifically highlights the need to dismantle such organizations to protect U.S. citizens.

Raising the Bar on Border Security Reporting

Rep. Morgan Luttrell emphasized the desperate need for action in a recent statement:

Due to the Biden administration's failed policies, dangerous cartels are controlling our borders and profiting from extensive human and drug trafficking. Combatting these deadly cartels starts with knowing exactly who is exploiting our border and coming into our communities. The Jalisco cartel, the most dangerous criminal organization in Mexico and the second most powerful drug cartel must be identified and dismantled to safeguard the American people.

Such explicit call-outs and legislative actions underscore the severity of the challenges at the U.S. southern border. By mandating monthly operational statistics from the CBP, the proposed bill aims not just to shed light on the issue but to foster a more informed discussion on border security and national safety.

While merely one facet of a broader struggle, this initiative reflects a significant step toward enhancing transparency and accountability concerning border crossings by potentially dangerous individuals. It's a move that, if enacted, could significantly impact the ongoing battle against terrorism and cartel-related criminal activities within the United States.


Former Navy SEAL and Representative Morgan Luttrell is leading a concerted effort to strengthen the U.S. border's defensive measures against terrorist and cartel infiltration. His proposed legislation, which focuses on heightened transparency and accountability, seeks to ensure that U.S. Customs and Border Protection provides detailed monthly reports on apprehensions.

This initiative, part of a broader legislative effort targeting border security flaws, spotlights the critical and contentious issue of national security in the context of immigration and border control.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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