National Archives Are Handing Over Biden Records

 December 6, 2023

In a significant development, the National Archives has announced plans to release over 62,000 pages of records to the House Oversight Committee. These documents pertain to communications involving President Biden and Hunter Biden, his son.

These records, requested by Committee Chairman James Comer, include email communications from Biden using aliases and materials related to Hunter Biden.

Committee's Persistent Efforts for Transparency

Chairman Comer has been actively seeking these records for months. His requests have been focused on uncovering the truth behind Biden's communications and his son's business dealings.

The records to be released are in response to Comer's request for unredacted emails between Biden, using aliases, and Hunter Biden's business associates. This follows over 20,000 pages of records that have already been made public.

Comer's requests specifically targeted communications involving aliases used by Biden, such as "Robert Peters" and "Robin Ware." He also sought records related to key figures in Hunter Biden's business circle.

IRS Whistleblowers Shed Light on Biden's Communications

IRS whistleblowers recently brought to light the use of email aliases by Biden to communicate with Hunter Biden and his business associate, Eric Schwerin, numerous times during his vice presidency. This revelation has added a new dimension to the ongoing investigation.

Schwerin, who served as president of Hunter's Rosemont Seneca company, also acted as Biden's personal "bookkeeper" from 2009 to 2017. These connections have raised questions about Biden's involvement in his son's business dealings.

Biden, when asked about these communications, has vehemently denied any involvement, stating, "I did not, they’re lies. It’s a bunch of lies."

Chronology of Requests and Revelations

The timeline of events leading up to this moment has been marked by a series of requests and revelations. In September 2023, Comer first approached the National Archives for records on communications between Biden and Hunter's associates.

This was followed by a request in August for records involving Biden's use of email aliases. By November, the issue escalated with the IRS whistleblowers' revelation, leading to the National Archives' current decision to release the documents.

Comer and the House Oversight Committee Republicans claim that evidence they have indicates that Biden interacted with Hunter's foreign business associates, contradicting his previous denials.

Implications for the Biden Administration

The release of these records carries significant implications for the Biden administration. It raises questions about the transparency and integrity of the President's communications during his tenure as Vice President.

James Comer, commenting on the situation, stated, "The Biden White House still has an ‘F’ in document production to the Oversight Committee." He insists on full compliance from the White House in these matters.

"Just today, President Biden lied again when confronted with information that he interacted with his family’s business associates. The White House must comply with all of our requests for records from Joe Biden’s time as vice president and all other committee requests related to the impeachment inquiry. Anything less is obstruction."

Continued Scrutiny of Biden's Past Communications

The House Oversight Committee's scrutiny of Biden's past communications continues, with a focus on his interactions with Hunter's business associates. This issue has become a focal point of investigation for the committee.

The committee is particularly interested in the nature and extent of Biden's involvement with his son's business dealings. The use of email aliases by Biden, as revealed by the IRS whistleblowers, has heightened the committee's concerns.

Further complicating the matter is Schwerin's role, both in Hunter's company and as Biden's bookkeeper, which adds layers of complexity to the investigation.

Biden's Firm Denials Amidst Escalating Controversy

President Biden has consistently denied any wrongdoing or involvement with his son's business associates. His firm denials have been a constant throughout the unfolding of this story.

The President's statements have been met with skepticism by the House Oversight Committee, which continues to press for more information and transparency.

The committee, led by Republicans, asserts that they have evidence contradicting Biden's denials, showing his active involvement with Hunter's foreign business associates.

Conclusion: The Unfolding Drama in Washington

As the National Archives prepares to release these crucial documents, the saga involving President Biden and his son's business dealings continues to unfold. The implications of these revelations are yet to be fully understood, but they certainly have stirred the political waters in Washington.

  • The National Archives will release over 62,000 pages of records related to Biden's communications and Hunter Biden.
  • IRS whistleblowers reveal Biden's use of email aliases to communicate with Hunter and associates.
  • House Oversight Committee led by Chairman James Comer seeks transparency and full disclosure of these communications.
  • President Biden firmly denies any involvement with Hunter's business associates.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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