Mysterious Disappearance Of Supermarket Magnate Takes A Startling Turn

 April 20, 2024

Karl-Erivan Haub's vanishing act in 2018 reads like a plot from a suspense novel. New revelations suggest the missing billionaire might be clandestinely residing in Moscow.

Reported missing after a ski expedition near the renowned Matterhorn, Karl-Erivan Haub, then a prominent 58-year-old executive of the Tengelmann Group, left the world baffled by his sudden disappearance, ExplorersWeb reported.

Despite exhaustive searches, authorities failed to uncover any trace of him after his disappearance. He was last seen live on April 7, 2018, taking a ski lift towards the alpine giant.

Karl-Erivan Haub was legally declared dead following his disappearance. This led to significant shifts in the leadership and ownership within the Tengelmann Group, a powerhouse in the global retail sector, with his brother, Christian Haub, stepping up to take control.

Speculations About Haub's Current Whereabouts Intensify

German media outlet RTL recently unearthed evidence suggesting Haub might be alive, sparking intense speculations. They reported Haub might be cohabiting in Moscow with Veronika Ermilova, igniting questions about his alleged demise.

Connections between Karl-Erivan Haub and Russia have been noted. These connections involve shared whereabouts with Ermilova, who has rumored ties to Russian intelligence. Though unconfirmed, these connections suggest deeper layers to Haub’s disappearance.

Legal and Family Drama Swirls Amidst New Findings

The situation involving Christian Haub has taken a complex legal and familial turn. He is currently under scrutiny for potentially making false statements during court proceedings. This development shifts the narrative from merely dealing with a missing person case to possibly addressing deliberate deceit within family and corporate contexts.

The broadcaster RTL has tracked various movements and sightings, linking Ermilova and Haub together in several instances, implying a premeditated disappearance. According to reporter Liv von Boetticher:

There are strong indications that he could have caused his disappearance intentionally. At least parts of his family were aware of it and, against their better judgment, kept this secret from the Cologne District Court and the public.

Fueling the controversy further, recent travel patterns have shown both Haub and Ermilova at similar locales concurrently, suggesting planned encounters.

In defense, Christian Haub's lawyer, Mark Binz, vehemently denies any duplicity or wrongdoing. "Of course, there is no truth to the accusation," stated the Haub family lawyer, underlining the intensifying defense as accusations mount against the family.

Questioning the Motives Behind Haub's Disappearance

Mysteries continue to hover around the true reason behind Karl-Erivan Haub’s disappearance and whether his actions were an escapade from his previous life or something more entangled with global intelligence dynamics.

The unraveling of this story continues to captivate and raise complex questions about wealth, power, and personal liberty. It poses significant concerns for the Haub family, corporate governance, and international legal proceedings.

In essence, the perplexing saga of Karl-Erivan Haub traverses beyond a mere missing person case. It strings together strands of familial loyalty, corporate responsibility, and international intrigue, leaving observers worldwide keenly awaiting each unfolding chapter.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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