Most Recent Medal Of Honor Recipient Has Died

 January 29, 2024

Larry L. Taylor, a courageous Army helicopter pilot, recently passed away at the age of 81.

Taylor, renowned for his daring rescue of a patrol team in Vietnam, died at his residence in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, on January 28. His passing occurred shortly after a notable acknowledgment of his valor in the Vietnam War. In September 2023, President Biden presented him with the Medal of Honor, the highest military distinction in the United States. This honor was in tribute to Taylor's brave deed in June 1968, when he endangered his life to rescue a four-man patrol team amidst intense enemy fire.

Heroic Actions in the Face of Danger

During the harrowing event in Vietnam, then-First Lieutenant Larry L. Taylor was commanding a two-helicopter Cobra gunship team. They responded to a distress call from the patrol team, who were pinned down by enemy fire. Demonstrating remarkable courage and tactical skill, Taylor made multiple low-level passes over the enemy, drawing their fire away from the trapped soldiers.

With the patrol still under intense fire, Taylor made a bold decision to land his helicopter about 100 yards from the team. This action enabled the four soldiers to board the aircraft, some perched precariously on the skids and rocket pods. Taylor's quick thinking and bravery ensured the safe evacuation of the entire patrol.

In a gripping recount of the rescue, Taylor once said:

I finally just flew up behind them and sat down on the ground. They turned around and jumped on the aircraft. A couple were sitting on the skids. One was sitting on the rocket pods, and I don't know where the other one was, but they beat on the side of the ship twice, which meant haul a--. And we did!

A Life Dedicated to Service

Throughout his deployment in Vietnam, Taylor flew hundreds of missions, piloting both Huey and Cobra helicopters. His dedication to his duty and his fellow soldiers was unwavering.

Taylor's career in the Army culminated in his retirement with the rank of Captain, a testament to his skill, leadership, and commitment.

After his military career, Taylor led a life marked by quiet dignity and strength, deeply respected by those who knew him. His passing has left a void in the hearts of his family, friends, and fellow veterans. He is survived by his wife, Toni, and other family members.

Remembering a True American Hero

The loss of Larry L. Taylor is not just the passing of a decorated soldier but the fading of a living piece of history. His actions in Vietnam and subsequent recognition by President Biden remind us of the countless sacrifices made by those serving in our armed forces.

Taylor's story, especially the dramatic rescue in 1968, is a powerful testament to the bravery and selflessness inherent in military service. His courage under fire, his ability to make split-second decisions for the welfare of his team, and his unyielding commitment to his mission serve as an enduring inspiration.

Taylor's life and service represent the utmost values of the United States military. His courageous actions in Vietnam, his commitment to his fellow soldiers, and his modest heroism under threat will always be remembered by a thankful nation. The Medal of Honor, bestowed upon him by President Biden, is an appropriate honor for a man who risked his life for his fellow soldiers and his country.


The life of Larry L. Taylor was marked by remarkable heroism, dedicated service, and quiet strength. His actions in Vietnam, for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor, reflect the courage and commitment of our military personnel.

Taylor's legacy will endure as a beacon of bravery and selflessness, inspiring future generations to uphold the highest ideals of service and sacrifice. His death is a loss to the nation, but his memory and the impact of his deeds will forever remain in our collective consciousness.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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