Michigan GOP Votes To Oust Chairwoman

 January 7, 2024

The Michigan Republican Party is currently embroiled in a significant internal conflict. On January 6th, 2024, a faction within the party voted to remove Kristina Karamo as the chairwoman. This decision, marked by controversy and dissent, has intensified the division within the Michigan GOP.

This upheaval comes after Karamo, who has been in her position since last year, faced significant criticism over her handling of party finances and her approach to leadership.

Kristina Karamo faced a stark rebuke from a portion of her party. During a state committee meeting on January 6th, 88% of the participating members voted for her removal. This vote has sparked a fierce debate over its legitimacy and the future direction of the party.

Controversy Surrounds the Vote

Leading up to the vote, internal disagreements over party finances and governance had surfaced, Just The News reported.

These issues culminated in the January 6th meeting, which was deemed unauthorized by the Michigan GOP just a night before it took place. The controversy surrounding this meeting adds a layer of complexity to the situation.

Karamo herself has staunchly refused to recognize the vote's outcome. She maintains that the meeting violated the party's bylaws, rendering the vote null and void. This stance has further fueled the internal conflict within the party.

Bree Moeggenberg, a member of the Michigan Republican state committee, commented on the significance of the vote. She said, "We have made history today. With over 88% of the members that were present and voting, we have taken the first step to engage and protect the various voices and liberties of all Republicans."

Ripple Effects Beyond Michigan

The situation in Michigan has caught the attention of figures beyond the state's borders. Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, has been brought into the conversation by observers who speculate on her potential involvement.

Tudor Dixon, a former Michigan gubernatorial candidate, also weighed in on the situation. She criticized the state party's approach, calling it "misguided" and emphasizing the need to focus on broader political issues rather than internal procedural conflicts.

Karamo's reaction to the vote has been one of outright defiance. She declared the meeting illegal per party bylaws and refused to step down from her position. Her statement reflects a deep division not just within the Michigan GOP but also within the broader context of Republican politics.


The outcome of this conflict could have significant implications for the Michigan Republican Party. With a crucial election year ahead, the internal strife could impact the party's ability to present a united front.

Moreover, the situation raises questions about the processes and bylaws governing the party. The conflict between Karamo and the state committee members who voted against her sheds light on the need for clear and respected governance structures within political parties.

The Michigan GOP is at a crossroads. The decision to remove Kristina Karamo, and her subsequent refusal to acknowledge it, has created a scenario that tests the party's resilience and unity. As the situation unfolds, the eyes of both state and national political observers will be keenly focused on Michigan.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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