Michigan Dems Say Biden Must ‘Earn’ Their Vote In 2024

 December 17, 2023

In a revealing set of interviews, a group of Democratic voters from Michigan has voiced significant reservations about supporting President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 election.

A recent NBC News report shows that out of five Democratic voters in Michigan, only three are committed to voting for President Biden in the 2024 election, indicating a notable lack of enthusiasm within the party.

The interviews, led by NBC's Kristen Welker, have shed light on the challenges facing the Democratic Party as it approaches the next presidential election. The discussions reveal a deep reluctance among voters, with only a minority firmly backing Biden.

Concerns Over Policy and Personal Attributes

Among the reasons cited for their hesitation, voters pointed to President Biden's age, his policies in the Middle East, and the state of the economy. These issues seem to weigh heavily on the minds of these Democratic voters, overshadowing other considerations.

Shelley Whitehead, a participant in the interviews, voiced her reluctance, stating, "No way" she would vote Republican but only "reluctantly" support Biden. Her statement encapsulates a sentiment of compromise rather than enthusiasm among some Democratic voters.

The mixed feelings extend to Biden's foreign policy, with one voter, Jackie-Kelly Smith, specifically mentioning dissatisfaction with his dealings in the Middle East. Although perceived as improved, the economic situation still presents challenges like inflation and rising prices, further complicating voter sentiment.

Descriptive Words and Diverse Perspectives

Voters used various descriptors for President Biden, ranging from "tired" and "out of it" to "family," reflecting a wide range of perceptions and attitudes. These descriptors suggest a complex view of Biden's presidency, influenced by both personal and political factors.

Jackie-Kelly Smith remarked, "Our economy is better than what it has been. Is everything affordable? No. Everything is going up quicker than our checks are." This statement reflects a nuanced understanding of the economic situation, acknowledging improvements and recognizing ongoing challenges.

"I want the candidate that I vote for to earn my vote," said Jessie Kelly, encapsulating a sentiment shared by many Democratic voters who feel their support should not be taken for granted.

Recent Polls Highlight Party Divisions

A recent Fox News poll reinforces these sentiments, revealing that 54% of Democratic voters prefer a different nominee than Biden for the 2024 election. This statistic is a significant indicator of the divisions within the party and the challenges Biden faces in rallying his base.

These interviews and poll results come as the 2024 campaign cycle is underway, adding to the urgency for the Democratic Party to address these internal concerns. The party faces the task of unifying its base while appealing to a broader electorate.

The lack of enthusiasm for Biden is not an isolated sentiment. Previous reporting has highlighted similar feelings among core Democratic voting blocs, including Black Americans, suggesting a broader trend of disenchantment within the party.

Evaluating the Economic Situation

While acknowledged as improved under Biden's administration, the economic situation continues to be a source of concern for voters. Inflation and high prices remain pressing issues, affecting the day-to-day lives of many Americans.

This economic concern is critical in shaping voter attitudes, especially in light of the ongoing challenges many households face. The balance between acknowledging improvements and addressing ongoing struggles is delicate for the Biden administration.

As the Democratic Party looks ahead to 2024, these economic concerns and Biden's other policy and personal attributes will likely play a significant role in shaping voter attitudes and decisions.

Reflecting on Biden's Leadership and Party Dynamics

The mixed feelings among Democratic voters about Biden's candidacy reveal a party at a crossroads. The choice ahead for Democrats is not just about a candidate but about the direction and future of the party itself.

This sense of uncertainty is further compounded by the diversity of opinions within the party. As one Black voter told the New York Times, "I honestly feel that the Democratic Party has forgotten about the Black male." This statement highlights the need for the party to engage more effectively with its diverse constituencies.

The sentiments these Michigan voters express reflect broader trends within the Democratic Party. As the 2024 election approaches, these voices will be crucial in shaping the party's strategy and choice of nominee.


  • Only three out of five Democratic voters from Michigan interviewed by NBC News plan to vote for Biden in 2024.
  • Voters cited Biden's age, Middle East policies, and the economy as major concerns.
  • 54% of Democratic voters prefer a different nominee, according to a recent Fox News poll.
  • Economic improvement is acknowledged, but inflation and high prices remain concerns.
  • Descriptors for Biden ranged from "tired" to "family," indicating diverse perceptions.
  • There is a growing need for the Democratic Party to engage more effectively with its diverse voter base.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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