Michelle Obama Named in Jonathan Majors Trial

 December 5, 2023

Jonathan Majors, a renowned actor, is currently facing trial over allegations of assault and harassment, a case that has sent shockwaves through Hollywood and beyond.

These serious charges stem from a domestic dispute with his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, in the back of a livery car on March 25.

Majors and Jabbari, a dancer, initiated their romantic relationship during their collaboration on the set of “Antman.” Their relationship, once filled with talks of marriage and children, began to spiral downward due to Majors' alleged manipulative behavior.

Allegations of Control and Manipulation

Prosecutors portray Majors as a man ruled by insecurity, using threats of suicide as a means to maintain Jabbari within his influence. His anger, they say, was easily ignited when she chose to spend time with friends.

In a specific incident in June 2022, Jabbari traveled to a festival in the U.K. Majors, however, demanded her immediate return, insisting she should be available whenever he required.

Arguments between them were far from peaceful, with Majors allegedly raising his voice and often resorting to breaking household items in his rage.

The Incident and Charges

According to the prosecution, Majors compared Jabbari to historical figures like Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama.

"He told Grace Jabbari that she needs to live up to the standards of Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama to make sacrifices for him because, he told her, 'I am a great man.' He told her that she needed to comport herself in the way he needed her to be."

The tension reached a boiling point on March 25. Following the discovery of a flirty text message on Major's phone, an argument ensued in a livery car. In the resulting struggle over the phone, Majors allegedly injured Jabbari, breaking her finger, twisting her arm, and causing her ear to bleed.

While both Majors and Jabbari faced charges over this incident, only Majors' charges were pursued by prosecutors. The charges include assault and harassment, among others.

Defense Claims and Impact on Majors' Career

In contrast to the prosecution's narrative, the defense paints Jabbari as a woman seeking revenge. They claim she was a drunken liability, living off Majors, and that she concocted these allegations out of spite.

"There was serious talk of an Oscar nomination for 'Magazine Dreams,' a major winner at Sundance. His career seemed unstoppable until she made these false allegations," the defense stated.

"He began to snap at Grace Jabbari and became manipulative," said the prosecutor. "He even threatened suicide to control her."

The trial has had significant repercussions on Majors' career. His anticipated role in Marvel's "Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania" hangs in the balance. Moreover, his film "Magazine Dreams," initially slated for a Dec 8 release, has been postponed by Searchlight Pictures due to the ongoing case.

A Consolidated Case

Prior to the trial, prosecutors consolidated the eight misdemeanor charges against Majors down to four. However, the gravity of the charges remains undiminished, casting a shadow over the actor's future.

The trial continues, with all eyes on the courtroom as this Hollywood drama unfolds. The outcome will undoubtedly have lasting implications for Majors, Jabbari, and the wider film industry.

As the public awaits the verdict, one can only hope for justice to prevail, providing closure for all parties involved.


  • Jonathan Majors, known for his acting career, is on trial for assault and harassment.
  • The charges relate to a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend, dancer Grace Jabbari.
  • The defense argues that the allegations are false, made by a woman seeking revenge.
  • The case has already affected Majors' career, with film releases postponed.
  • The trial continues, with the outcome eagerly awaited by both the film industry and the public alike.

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