Michael Cohen Admits to Stealing $60k From Trump Organization

 May 21, 2024

Michael Cohen, former lawyer for Donald Trump, made a startling admission in court.

Conservative Brief reported that Cohen confessed to having financial interests linked to the outcome of Trump’s fraud trial and admitted to stealing $60,000 from the Trump Organization.

Michael Cohen, once a trusted confidant of former President Donald Trump, is currently involved in legal proceedings against his former employer. During his testimony, Cohen openly acknowledged that his financial interests are tied to the trial’s outcome. He stated that his discussions about the trial on his podcasts and TikTok generated revenue, and a not-guilty verdict for Trump would provide more material for these platforms.

Cohen's Media Activities and Financial Interests

Cohen's extensive media presence has allowed him to capitalize on the ongoing trial. He admitted that his future discussions on various platforms would benefit from a not-guilty verdict for Trump. Cohen is also exploring various future projects, including a TV show about his life titled "The Fixer," a potential congressional run, and writing a third book.

Cohen's credibility has come under scrutiny during the trial, primarily due to his history of thefts from the Trump Organization and accusations of lying. Defense attorney Todd Blanche questioned Cohen about whether a guilty verdict for Trump would financially benefit him. Cohen admitted to previously stating on his podcast that "revenge is best served cold," suggesting a possible motive for his actions against Trump.

Admissions of Theft and Manipulation

Cohen confessed to stealing $60,000 from the Trump Organization, describing it as "self-help" after Trump reduced his bonus. He also admitted to manipulating a CNBC poll to favor Trump by paying a tech company to create fake online accounts. According to Cohen, Trump did not fully fund this operation. Additionally, Cohen revealed that the Trump Organization paid him $130,000 as hush money for Stormy Daniels, which was then "grossed up" to cover taxes, resulting in the $60,000 theft.

Despite reporting the theft to prosecutors, Cohen stated he was never charged for these actions. This admission has further complicated his credibility in the trial.

Broader Implications of Cohen's Testimony

Cohen's testimony is a crucial aspect of the ongoing fraud trial of Donald Trump. His financial dealings and alleged manipulations while working for Trump highlight broader issues of legality and ethics within Trump's business operations. Cohen's admissions have drawn attention to the complex relationship between his personal gain and his role in the trial.

During the trial, the defense team questioned Cohen's admissions. Blanche asked Cohen if he had repaid the Trump Organization for the money he stole. Cohen replied that he had not. Cohen explained his actions as a response to his reduced bonus, calling it "self-help."

Legal and Ethical Issues in Trump's Business Operations

Blanche also confirmed with Cohen that he desired revenge against Trump, referencing Cohen's statement that "revenge is best served cold." This sentiment has cast further doubt on Cohen's motivations and testimony. Cohen's involvement in manipulating online polls and his financial interests in the trial's outcome have added complexity to the case.

The ongoing trial continues to uncover new details about the financial and ethical practices within Trump's business operations. Cohen's testimony has become a focal point, providing insight into the internal workings of the Trump Organization and the lengths individuals went to support Trump.

Conclusion: Summary of Key Aspects

Michael Cohen's testimony has revealed significant financial and ethical issues within the Trump Organization. His admissions of theft and manipulation, combined with his financial interests in the trial's outcome, have cast doubt on his credibility.

Cohen's future projects, including a TV show, a potential congressional run, and a third book, indicate his continued interest in leveraging his experiences for personal gain. The trial's outcome, whether Trump is found guilty or not, will undoubtedly impact Cohen's future discussions and media presence.

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