Meghan Markle Removed From Spotify To Some Company In MN For Podcast

By Victor Winston, updated on February 17, 2024

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in the spotlight once again, but this time for a different tune.

After a public fallout with Spotify, The royal couple shifted their podcasting venture to Lemonada Media, a move encapsulating their journey in the digital media landscape.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and her husband, Prince Harry, initially embarked on a podcasting journey with Spotify, a deal that was slated to bring multiple series to listeners worldwide. This partnership, valued at $25 million, began in 2020.

However, it fell short of expectations, producing only 12 episodes of the much-anticipated "Archetypes." The eventual fallout from this agreement led Markle and Prince Harry to seek new opportunities, culminating in their recent collaboration with Lemonada Media, a Minnesota-based podcast company.

Shifting Podcasting Partnerships and Public Perception

The royal couple's foray into podcasting with Spotify was met with high expectations. However, the delivery of just 12 episodes raised questions about their commitment and involvement in the project. The anticipation surrounding the launch of "Archetypes" in August 2022 swiftly turned into skepticism regarding the tangible output of this high-profile deal.

When the partnership was dissolved in 2023, it was clear that the Sussexes had not met the contractual obligations to produce "several series," leading to their departure from the platform without the full compensation of their original contract.

After a nine-month search for a new platform, Meghan Markle announced her partnership with Lemonada Media. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for the Duchess and a significant acquisition for the podcast company. Lemonada Media, known for its emphasis on human-centric storytelling and social impact, appears to be a fitting home for Markle's vision.

Meghan Markle's statement highlighted her pride in joining a female-founded company and her eagerness to continue her podcasting endeavors. This marks a new chapter for the Duchess, one that she undoubtedly approaches with the lessons learned from her previous engagement with Spotify.

Financial Details and Future Prospects Remain Unclear

While the financial details of the agreement with Lemonada Media remain undisclosed, the expectations are high. The partnership not only involves Markle hosting a new podcast but also entails re-releasing "Archetypes."

Lemonada Media, though not as globally recognized as Spotify, presents a unique opportunity for Markle to redefine her podcasting journey. The company's focus on impactful storytelling aligns with Markle's interests, potentially offering a platform where her creative visions can thrive without the same level of scrutiny and expectation that accompanied her deal with Spotify.

Critics, however, have been quick to vocalize their skepticism. Derogatory remarks from an anonymous Spotify executive labeled the couple as "lazy, fucking grifters," reflecting the intense scrutiny and polarized opinions that follow their public moves.

Critical Voices Loom Large Over New Partnership

This partnership with Lemonada Media is crucial for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It offers a chance to pivot and redefine their roles within the digital and cultural narrative. However, the efficacy and impact of this move remain to be seen, with critical voices waiting to pounce on any perceived misstep.

The narrative surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's podcasting journey reflects broader themes of redemption, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment. Their story is a vivid illustration of the trials and tribulations faced by public figures as they navigate the complex web of media partnerships, audience expectations, and personal goals.


Meghan Markle's new partnership with Lemonada Media marks a notable shift in her podcasting endeavors. Following the end of her agreement with Spotify, this collaboration highlights a strategic pivot and reaffirms her dedication to podcasting. The success of this venture will be closely observed, focusing on its capacity to produce impactful content and meet the anticipations established by its forerunners. It's uncertain if this development will quiet critics or provoke more discussions. Nonetheless, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's journey in podcasting is advancing with renewed enthusiasm and a fresh array of hurdles.

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