Media Exposed Covering Up Obama Admin Russiagate Origin

By Robert Cunningham, updated on February 20, 2024

A former aide is now voicing claims of a fabricated FBI case against the Trump campaign.

George Papadopoulos, a former aide for the 2016 Trump campaign, has brought forth allegations that the FBI's investigation into the campaign's Russian ties was a deliberate fabrication by the Obama administration.

Former Trump Aide Asserts FBI Case Was Manufactured

In a revealing interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Channel, George Papadopoulos shared a compelling narrative that could upend previous understandings of the 2016 Trump campaign's investigation.

He recounted an event in 2017 where he was given $10,000 in cash in Israel, money he claims was used to set him up. The individual who provided the cash, Charles Tawil, was allegedly connected to a broader scheme to entangle Papadopoulos and the Trump campaign in a scandal.

Papadopoulos' return to the United States was marked by an encounter with FBI agents at Dulles Airport, who conducted a thorough search of his luggage for the money. This incident, he asserts, was part of a larger plan to discredit him and cast a shadow over the Trump campaign. Papadopoulos has gone on record stating that the alleged fabrication extended to 26 Trump officials, including himself and Dr. Ben Carson, suggesting a widespread operation to undermine the campaign.

Intrigue and Espionage within U.S. Politics

The implications of these allegations reach beyond a single event, painting a picture of political espionage and intelligence overreach. Papadopoulos emphasized the severity of the situation, implicating the Obama administration, CIA, and U.S. intelligence agencies in collusion with foreign intelligence services. This revelation, he argues, could have a profound impact on the sanctity of the democratic process and the future of U.S. presidential elections.

Papadopoulos said during the interview:

This really goes to the heart of the bombshell story that was just released last week regarding the overt collusion between the Obama administration, CIA, the U.S. intel agencies, and foreign allied intel services. It was all predetermined, it was all fabricated, and it was all part of an entire plan by the Obama administration to subvert our democratic process.

The discussion with Bartiromo also touched on various attempts to undermine Trump, including the Crossfire Hurricane investigation and impeachment attempts, suggesting an ongoing struggle for power between elected officials and intelligence agencies.

A Call for Oversight and Reform

Papadopoulos calls for congressional action to address what he perceives as a significant power imbalance, advocating for intelligence community reforms. He cites the long-term impact of these alleged actions, which he believes affected the 2016 and 2020 U.S. presidential elections and will continue to do so in the future. The gravity of these allegations demands attention and could necessitate reevaluating the relationship between intelligence agencies and the democratic institutions they serve.

The former aide also described a separate attempt to entrap him in a "honeypot" situation, where a woman allegedly tried to extract information from him by pretending to have ties to Russia and claiming they possessed Hillary Clinton's emails. This, he suggests, is further evidence of the lengths he believes the Obama administration went to discredit Trump's campaign.


George Papadopoulos has made serious allegations that, if true, could indicate a significant abuse of power by the Obama administration and the intelligence community. He claims that the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign's Russian ties was a deliberate fabrication, involving setups like the $10,000 cash incident in Israel and a "honeypot" scenario.

These purported actions were part of a broader attempt to spy on the Trump campaign, discredit its officials, and undermine the democratic process, with long-term implications that could affect future presidential elections. The call for congressional action and intelligence reform is clear, and further investigation into these claims is paramount to ensure the integrity of the United States' democratic institutions.

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