McCarthy To Potentially Replace McDaniel As RNC Chair

 February 7, 2024

The GOP could be on the verge of a significant leadership change.

Ronna McDaniel, the current Republican National Committee chair, is contemplating her resignation after discussions with former President Donald Trump, potentially making room for former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as her successor.

Ronna McDaniel has held her position steadily since her appointment. Yet, her recent meeting with Donald Trump has sparked rumors and potential shifts in the party's leadership structure. A decision regarding her future and potentially the GOP's is anticipated to be announced following the South Carolina primary on February 24th. It is a crucial milestone for the party as it looks to regroup and refocus its efforts leading into the next election cycle.

The Republican National Committee's fundraising efforts under McDaniel's leadership have notably been less robust compared to previous years. With the committee raising $87.2 million in 2023, it was their lowest haul since 2013. This, compared to the Democratic National Committee's $120 million, prompted discussions about the need for a change in leadership to boost the party's financial health.

The Need for Stronger Fundraising

Amid these discussions, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has emerged as a potential candidate for the chairmanship. Known for his fundraising prowess, McCarthy brought in $15.3 million in his last quarter as House Speaker and demonstrated his capability by raising $78 million for the 2024 election cycle. His extensive travel in support of GOP candidates—spanning 22 states and 86 cities in 2023 alone—has showcased his commitment and ability to connect with donors and party members nationwide.

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz's endorsement of McCarthy highlights this potential for rejuvenation within the RNC. Gaetz underscored McCarthy's organizational skills and his aptitude as a "very high-revenue fundraiser," qualities he believes would be beneficial for the RNC Chair. This support from within the GOP signals a possible shift towards McCarthy's leadership approach, aimed at strengthening the party’s financial standing and electoral success moving forward.

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz emphasized McCarthy's suitability for the role:

I fully endorse Kevin McCarthy for RNC Chair. Kevin is well organized and a very high-revenue fundraiser. He will also be well-liked by the RNC Committee. The RNC Chair doesn’t make any policy decisions, set any agenda, or negotiate against Democrats, ever. Kevin would be terrific.

The Leadership Race Heats Up

However, the path to McCarthy's potential chairmanship has its challenges. The GOP finds itself at a crossroads, with figures like North Carolina GOP Chair Michael Whatley and RNC co-chair Drew McKissick being mentioned as potential successors to McDaniel. The discussion has veered into a potential conflict within the party, as highlighted by Arizona Republican National Committeeman Tyler Bower, who noted conservatives' lobbying for Drew McKissick to take over as interim chair.

"It looks like a fight is breaking out for chair with conservatives lobbying for Drew McKissick (SC) to take over as interim chair instead of Ronna’s pick, Michael Whatley (NC)," Bower remarked, pointing to the internal dynamics and differing perspectives within the party.

The GOP stands at a pivotal moment. Ronna McDaniel's potential resignation could herald a new era of leadership and strategy for the Republican Party. With Kevin McCarthy emerging as a favored contender for the chairmanship, thanks to his fundraising capabilities and leadership track record, the GOP could see a revitalization in its approach to the upcoming election cycles.

Concluding Thoughts

The Republican Party is navigating a period of reflection and potential change. Ronna McDaniel's tenure and fundraising outcomes have prompted discussions on the need for a leadership refresh.

With Kevin McCarthy's name in the fray, bolstered by endorsements and his fundraising track record, the GOP faces a decision that could shape its strategy and success in the future. The days leading up to and following the South Carolina primary on February 24th will be critical in determining the direction the Republican National Committee takes.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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