McCarthy Claims GOP Is Moving Closer To Biden Impeachment Inquiry

By Robert Cunningham, updated on November 20, 2023

Striking developments from the GOP have sent ripples through the political landscape, hinting at potential impeachment proceedings against President Biden.

Recent claims by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy indicate the GOP's intensifying pursuit of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, specifically regarding allegations about his son, Hunter Biden's business dealings.

The origins of these allegations trace back to McCarthy's assertion that the GOP has been making strides in holding the government accountable. New House Speaker Mike Johnson seems to be leading this charge, launching an investigation into President Biden's supposed involvement in his son's business operations.

Accusations of a Biden Family Cover-up

Johnson, in his pursuit, has been vocal about his concerns, accusing President Biden of concealing his role in Hunter's business activities. This 'cover-up,' as Johnson has termed it, has raised eyebrows and stirred controversy in the political arena.

According to McCarthy, the GOP's investigation has led to some surprising revelations. The former House Speaker alleged that President Biden was not only involved in Hunter's business dealings but also had interactions with Hunter's business associates.

Key among these revelations is an intriguing claim about Hunter receiving a new Porsche and a hefty sum of $3 million after a meeting with his father at Cafe Milano. This, along with other allegations, has further fueled the GOP's pursuit of an impeachment inquiry.

Subpoenas and Shell Companies

The GOP, in its investigation, has reportedly subpoenaed relevant bank statements. McCarthy was confident about this move, stating that these documents could potentially provide more clarity regarding the allegations.

Moreover, the GOP investigation has allegedly unearthed new shell companies linked to Hunter's business affairs. This discovery, according to McCarthy, is significant and could play a vital role in the unfolding investigation.

The recent political developments have been occurring in quick succession, starting with the GOP gaining control of the House in the 2022 midterm elections. Following this, Mike Johnson ascended to the position of House Speaker in January 2023.

Unveiling the Timeline: From Elections to Investigations

Johnson, after his appointment, embarked on an investigation into the alleged ties between President Biden and his son's business affairs. The GOP has since been persistent in its investigation, claiming to have uncovered new details that could potentially impact the political landscape.

In an interview in late January 2023, McCarthy echoed these sentiments, stating that the GOP was moving closer to filing an impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

McCarthy, in his statements, emphasized the importance of the GOP's investigation, stating:

"No one in America would have known that President Biden has lied, that they did receive money from China... that he did get involved in the business dealings. When he went to Cafe Milano, his son got a new Porsche and $3 million was sent to him... We found all of this, the shell companies no one knew about prior. This is important."


  • Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has stated the GOP is moving closer to filing an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.
  • New House Speaker Mike Johnson is leading an investigation into Biden's alleged involvement in son Hunter's business dealings.
  • Johnson has accused Biden of a "cover-up" related to Hunter's business affairs.
  • McCarthy claimed the GOP had discovered new shell companies linked to Hunter's business and had subpoenaed relevant bank statements.

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