McCarthy Challenger Calls For Censure and Removal

 November 23, 2023

David Giglio demands a formal censure of McCarthy for not releasing the January 6 surveillance footage, alleging prioritization of politics over truth and could ultimately push for removal.

David Giglio, aligning with former President Trump, is contending for California's 20th Congressional District against Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Giglio's recent call for McCarthy's censure stems from McCarthy's handling of the January 6 Capitol riot surveillance footage.

He accuses McCarthy of withholding critical information from the public that could have potentially altered the widespread narrative about the events of that day.

Giglio Demands McCarthy's Censure

Giglio asserts that McCarthy, who promised to release the footage following his election as Speaker in January 2023, has prioritized political gain over truth and justice, Washington Examiner reported.

McCarthy, instead of making the footage public, shared it with Fox News's Tucker Carlson, a move that Giglio argues perpetuated a skewed narrative of the events that transpired on January 6.

According to Giglio, the release of the footage could have undermined the Democrats' narrative of the day's events and put an end to what he describes as the Department of Justice's "witch hunt."

Giglio claimed, "Kevin McCarthy, despite claiming doing so would be too dangerous, could have kept his promise to release the footage to the American people. Doing so could have dismantled the Democrats' narrative and ended the DOJ's Stalin-esque witch hunt nearly a year ago."

Footage Controversy and Subsequent Fallout

McCarthy's decision to share the footage with Carlson rather than release it to the public led to controversy. Carlson, who depicted the January 6 riot as "mostly peaceful," was later dismissed from his position at Fox News, a development that occurred in April 2023.

Despite the fallout, McCarthy stood by his decision, asserting that he has no regrets over sharing the footage with Carlson. He stated that he wanted the public to "see what’s gone on that day," but his method of doing so via Carlson raised eyebrows and criticism.

McCarthy's successor, Mike Johnson, has taken a different approach, announcing plans in November 2023 to release over 40,000 hours of the footage publicly. This decision has won him praise from Republicans and Trump.

Giglio's Calls for Further Action

Giglio's demand for accountability doesn't stop at McCarthy's censure. He also believes that prisoners incarcerated due to the January 6 incident should be released and pardoned. Further, he has called for the removal of January 6 committee members from Congress, accusing them of "lying."

He argues that the censure of McCarthy would serve as a stern reminder for future Speakers to prioritize truth and justice over political gain. Giglio's calls for such drastic measures reflect his firm belief in McCarthy's wrongdoing and the need for accountability.

As Giglio put it, "Republicans in Congress should demand accountability from the former Speaker through a formal censure, ensuring that all those entrusted with the role in the future prioritize truth and justice over political gain."


The controversy surrounding the January 6 footage continues to stir political debates and demands for accountability. David Giglio's call for McCarthy's censure and his demand for further action are significant developments in this ongoing saga.

  • David Giglio, a Trump-aligned Republican, is running for California's 20th Congressional District against Kevin McCarthy.
  • Giglio has called for McCarthy's censure, accusing him of withholding the January 6 footage from the public.
  • McCarthy shared the footage with Tucker Carlson, who depicted the riot as "mostly peaceful" and was later fired from Fox News.
  • McCarthy's successor, Mike Johnson, plans to release over 40,000 hours of the footage to the public.
  • Giglio also demands the release and pardon of January 6 prisoners and the removal of January 6 committee members from Congress.

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