McCarthy blocks Democrats' migrant push

 September 30, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy successfully led the GOP in blocking a Democratic initiative to increase migrant worker inflow, marking a significant win for the country.

In a recent development, GOP legislators, under the leadership of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, voted against a proposal that would have seen a surge in migrant workers.

This move is seen by many as a significant pushback against the Democrats' agenda.

McCarthy's leadership in the spotlight

Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker from California, has been working diligently to maintain unity within the GOP caucus. His efforts are particularly evident as he navigates the complexities of passing agency funding bills for the upcoming fiscal year.

The recent amendment vote was a precursor to the budget vote for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This vote took place late Thursday night, after much anticipation and debate.

For several months, the DHS bill faced delays due to internal GOP disagreements. These disagreements revolved around the ongoing Ukraine conflict and President Joe Biden's immigration policies.

Additionally, McCarthy's strategy to consolidate Congress' 12 spending bills into a single "Continuing Resolution" added to the complexities.

Details of the DHS spending bill

Despite the challenges, McCarthy successfully united the GOP's populist and business factions. Late Thursday saw the passage of the DHS spending bill, with 220 votes in favor, overshadowing the Democrats' 208 votes against.

This bill introduces meticulous policy changes. These changes aim to prevent Biden's team from welcoming and accommodating a vast number of migrants seeking employment in the U.S.

Such a move is seen as a way to protect jobs for Americans, ensuring they receive better wages, Breitbart reported.

Reports suggest that the DHS funding bill allocates a total of $91.515 billion for discretionary spending. This budget includes provisions for border wall construction, Border Patrol agents, and custody operations, among other things.

Challenges ahead for the bill

However, the journey for these provisions is far from over. The House's decisions will face scrutiny in the Democrat-controlled Senate. President Biden, along with Senate Democrats and some GOP Senators, is expected to challenge many of the provisions introduced by the House.

Recent actions by President Biden indicate his inclination to welcome more migrants into American cities. He has requested an additional $3.3 billion for this purpose, over and above the funds approved by the Democratic majority in the House in late 2022.

The Democrats' stance on migrant policies is becoming increasingly precarious. Public opposition to their approach is on the rise, making their position more challenging.

McCarthy's strategic moves

McCarthy's leadership has been instrumental in navigating these complex waters. His ability to maintain a small majority in the House has required strategic decisions, allowing members to vote on specific legislations to achieve broader goals.

For instance, the vote against allocating $300 million was crucial for McCarthy to pass the amendment against the visas and the DHS bill. However, many GOP legislators also support the Ukraine war, leading them to later help the Democrats pass an amendment restoring the $300 million for war spending.

Furthermore, Thursday witnessed the House's approval of the Pentagon's $826 billion spending bill. This bill introduces several civic policy changes, reflecting the GOP's broader agenda.

Business groups and visa programs

The tussle over visa workers has its roots in business groups' attempts to pass a wage-reducing law in 2024. Their efforts were thwarted when growing GOP opposition to labor migration led to the passage of their H.R. 2 reforms without any Democratic support.

These business groups then collaborated with Democrats and some Republicans under donor pressure. Their goal was to win an amendment that would expand the H-2 and H-2B programs, which provide cheap labor for various industries.

Such programs have been criticized for keeping many Americans out of the workforce, reducing technological investments, and leading to the exploitation of migrants.


  • McCarthy successfully leads GOP to block increased migrant worker inflow.
  • The DHS spending bill introduces significant policy changes to protect American jobs.
  • Business groups have been pushing for an expansion of visa programs to access cheap labor.
  • Public opposition to the Democrats' migrant policies is growing.

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