McCarthy Blasts Gatez After Resignation

 December 15, 2023

In a dramatic turn of events, outgoing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's feud with Congressman Matt Gaetz reached new heights. McCarthy described Gaetz as "psychotic," citing that even the FBI is interested in such minds.

The contention peaked following Gaetz's leading role in the motion, resulting in McCarthy's loss of the House Speakership.

Kevin McCarthy and Matt Gaetz's relationship has been marked by frequent criticisms and sharp exchanges. This animosity culminated in McCarthy's recent comments, where he explicitly referred to Gaetz as having a mind studied by the FBI for its uniqueness.

Escalation of a Political Rivalry

McCarthy's criticisms of Gaetz have been consistent and severe. Previously, McCarthy went as far as to say that Gaetz "belongs in jail," highlighting the depth of their discord. This statement was made in November, during the heat of their political battle.

One of the key moments in this ongoing feud was in January 2023, when Gaetz and seven other Republicans, including Rep. Tim Burchett, voted against McCarthy in his bid to retain the Speakership. This act was pivotal in McCarthy's eventual loss of the position and subsequent decision to resign from Congress.

Further adding to the tension, allegations have surfaced about an incident involving McCarthy and Rep. Burchett. It is claimed that McCarthy physically assaulted Burchett by elbowing him in the kidneys, although details of this incident remain unclear.

Investigation and Allegations

Amidst this political turmoil, Gaetz is undergoing scrutiny from the Ethics Committee. The committee is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct and misuse of funds against Gaetz. These allegations add another layer of complexity to the already tense situation.

The timeline of events paints a vivid picture of the escalating conflict. In October, Gaetz initiated a motion to vacate against McCarthy. This move set in motion a series of events that culminated in McCarthy's dramatic resignation after losing the Speakership to Mike Johnson in January.

As McCarthy prepares to leave Congress, his parting words to Gaetz were fraught with animosity. McCarthy's comment about Gaetz's mind being a subject of interest to the FBI signifies the peak of their long-standing feud.

Gaetz's Counter and Future Prospects

Responding to McCarthy's comments, Gaetz did not hold back. He referred to McCarthy's statement as coming from someone who resorts to underhanded tactics, alluding to the alleged incident with Rep. Burchett. Gaetz's response reflects the bitter nature of their relationship.

"He was psychotic. People study that type of crazy mind, right? Mainly the FBI."

This quote encapsulates the depth of McCarthy's disdain towards Gaetz. The outcome of this saga leaves Gaetz in Congress while McCarthy steps down. The implications of this shift in power dynamics within the House are yet to be fully realized.

Concluding Reflections on a Tumultuous Saga

The impact of these events on the future of both politicians, as well as the broader political climate remains a subject of much speculation and analysis. As McCarthy exits the stage and Gaetz continues his career amidst ongoing investigations, the story of their rivalry leaves a lasting mark on the political narrative.

  • Kevin McCarthy called Matt Gaetz "psychotic" and suggested the FBI studies minds like his.
  • Gaetz led a crucial motion, resulting in McCarthy losing the House Speakership.
  • McCarthy had previously stated that Gaetz "belongs in jail."
  • An ongoing Ethics Committee investigation is probing Gaetz for alleged sexual misconduct and misuse of funds.
  • Gaetz remained in Congress, while McCarthy resigned after losing his position as House Speaker.

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