Mayorkas Finally Gives Up The Ghost As Impeachment Looms

 January 24, 2024

A storm brews over the Department of Homeland Security as impeachment talks gain traction.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is on the verge of impeachment amid admissions of a flawed border policy.

A Cabinet Official's Impeachment Threat

Alejandro Mayorkas could join the annals of history beside U.S. Secretary of War William Belknap as the second cabinet official to face impeachment. This development follows his admission that his agency has not fully enforced immigration laws. In a turn of events that has sparked a political firestorm, Mayorkas acknowledged the release of a vast majority of illegal aliens into the country.

The Department of Homeland Security Secretary's statements have stirred a hornet's nest of political and public scrutiny. In an interview, he admitted that over 70% of illegal aliens are being released into the United States. Fox News further escalated the controversy by reporting that Mayorkas conceded to Border Patrol agents that the figure might be as high as 85%.

Mayorkas has stood firm on the assertion that the U.S. maintains operational control over its southern border. Yet, the record-breaking numbers of illegal crossings challenge this claim. Since taking office, Mayorkas has been at the helm during an unprecedented surge in illegal border crossings.

Policies Under Fire Amidst Border Crisis

The surge in illegal immigration has been attributed primarily to Mayorkas's policies, which some argue have sent a message of leniency. A recent aerial view from Eagle Pass, Texas, showcased the gravity of the situation, revealing a swollen river of migrants overwhelming the authorities. Critics argue that these policies have not only invited a humanitarian crisis but have also opened floodgates for drug cartels to exploit human suffering for profit.

Mayorkas has defended his approach by emphasizing the right of individuals to claim asylum, shifting focus to fraudulent claims and deflecting responsibility. He has issued a memo that illegal entry alone is insufficient grounds for deportation unless it ties to serious crimes or national security threats. Some have interpreted this memo as a beacon signaling a more lenient U.S. border policy, which could be encouraging illegal immigration.

The Trump Administration's "Remain-in-Mexico" policy, which forced asylum claimants to wait outside of the U.S., had seen a reduction in frivolous claims. The subsequent termination of this policy under the Biden Administration has been linked to a perceived increase in abuse of the asylum system. Critics argue that this policy change has exacerbated the border crisis.

The Political Battle Over Border Control

As impeachment proceedings commence, Mayorkas is gearing up to defend his tenure and his policies. The House of Representatives has initiated the proceedings after over a year of brewing threats. In the history of the United States, only one cabinet official has ever been impeached, laying the gravity of this moment bare.

Mayorkas has pointed to Congress and inherited problems as the source of the border crisis, denying personal responsibility. He argues that the current situation is the result of a broken immigration system rather than his department's policies. Amidst these challenges, drug cartels have found opportunities to traffic migrants, profiting from their plight and the gaps in border control.

In the face of these accusations and the threat of impeachment, Mayorkas might contend that the process is being politicized. He could argue that policy disagreements should not be grounds for impeachment, a divisive stance that could further fuel the political debate.


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stands at a precipice, facing the possibility of impeachment as scrutiny tightens around his agency's enforcement of immigration laws. The situation has unfolded to reveal a system strained by record numbers of illegal crossings and policies that many believe have sent the wrong message about America's stance on illegal immigration.

While Mayorkas has shifted blame to Congress and past issues, critics argue that the policies enacted under his leadership have contributed to the crisis. With the House of Representatives moving forward with impeachment proceedings, Mayorkas's future and the integrity of U.S. border policy hang in the balance.

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