Matt Gaetz Charges Speaker Johnson With Not Doing Enough Regarding Hunter Biden Case

 March 27, 2024

In a significant move, GOP Representative Matt Gaetz is pushing for stronger protections for IRS whistleblowers amid claims of preferential treatment in Hunter Biden's tax investigation.

GOP Representative Matt Gaetz seeks to bolster protections for two IRS whistleblowers, alleging mismanagement in the Justice Department's tax investigation into Hunter Biden.

Representative Gaetz has called upon Speaker Mike Johnson to enhance the protections for two IRS employees, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who have stepped forward with allegations that could shake the very foundations of justice, the Daily Mail reported. According to Shapley and Ziegler, the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs was hampered and unduly influenced, raising serious questions about fairness and legal integrity.

Gaetz's intervention comes when the legal battles surrounding Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, are intensifying. Hunter Biden's attorneys are vigorously attempting to dismiss charges that accuse him of evading $1.4 million in taxes, which could lead to 17 years behind bars if he is found guilty.

IRS Whistleblowers Raise Alarm on DOJ Handling

The charges against Hunter Biden paint a picture of a lifestyle sustained by unreported income, with allegations detailing personal expenses masquerading as business deductions. These expenses allegedly include payments for children’s tuition, hefty hotel bills, and even transactions with escorts, casting a shadow over the veracity of Hunter Biden’s tax records.

Gaetz has not only raised concerns over the conduct of the Department of Justice (DOJ) but has also suggested the involvement of the House Office of General Counsel in the ongoing legal proceedings. He argues that the DOJ is not adequately defending the rights of whistleblowers and the House of Representatives.

Gaetz asserts that the DOJ’s actions, or lack thereof, have compromised the legal and legislative integrity necessary to protect whistleblowers and ensure the justice system's fairness.

Shapley's attorney, Tristan Leavitt, echoes this concern, highlighting the importance of the tax whistleblower provision, which allows individuals privy to confidential taxpayer information to come forward without reprisal.

The Legal Battle Intensifies

In response, Hunter Biden’s legal team has accused Shapley and Ziegler of utilizing their congressional testimony to share confidential tax information to embarrass Biden. This accusation sheds light on the contentious nature of the whistleblower disclosures and raises the stakes in Hunter Biden’s legal defense.

Special Counsel David Weiss and Judge Mark Scarsi, appointed during the Trump administration, find themselves at the center of these complex legal proceedings. The case against Hunter Biden questions his financial dealings and the broader implications for tax enforcement and whistleblower protection.

Gary Shapley's legal representation condemned Hunter Biden's lawsuit against the whistleblowers as a baseless attempt to undermine their credibility and the legality of their actions.

Shapley's lawyer asserted that all disclosures made by his client were in full compliance with whistleblower laws, highlighting the legal protections afforded to individuals who expose wrongdoing.


Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler's allegations have ignited a partisan debate over the integrity of tax investigations and the protection of whistleblowers within the IRS. Matt Gaetz's call to action underscores a growing concern over the Justice Department's handling of high-profile cases and the ramifications for legislative oversight and taxpayer confidentiality. As the legal battle unfolds, the spotlight on whistleblower protections and the impartiality of tax enforcement remains more intense than ever.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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