Matt Gaetz Blasts House GOP and Claims Jim Jordan Was ‘Knifed’

 October 22, 2023

Matt Gaetz voices concern over the unexpected turn of events surrounding Jim Jordan's bid for the House speaker post.

Jim Jordan, often touted as one of the most influential Republicans in Congress, found himself in a precarious situation.

Speaking on the situation, Gaetz provided the following, "just knifed in ... an anonymous vote in a secret closed door meeting in the basement of the Capitol."

Despite his popularity, he faced an uphill battle in his bid for the House speaker role. The process, as described by Gaetz, seemed to be influenced by external factors, leading many to question the transparency of the proceedings.

According to Gaetz, Jordan was sidelined during a confidential vote that took place behind closed doors. This secretive meeting, held in the Capitol's basement, saw Jordan being edged out from the race, raising eyebrows among many of his supporters and colleagues.

It's worth noting that Jordan's journey to the coveted position was not without its challenges. He struggled to garner the necessary support from his fellow Republicans.

After three rounds of voting, it became evident that Jordan's bid was losing steam. Consequently, the GOP members retracted their endorsement of his candidacy.

Gaetz's Involvement and the Bigger Picture

Matt Gaetz, a prominent figure in this narrative, played a pivotal role in the recent political shifts within the House. He was instrumental in orchestrating a "motion to vacate," which led to the ousting of the former House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy.

This move by Gaetz was seen by many as a strategic play to position his preferred candidate, Jim Jordan, for the top role, Breaking the News reported.

However, as events unfolded, Gaetz's plan seemed to have backfired. The very candidate he championed faced unexpected resistance, leading Gaetz to voice his concerns publicly. He alluded to external influences, often referred to as "the Swamp," playing a role in the outcome.

These developments have sparked a series of debates and discussions among political pundits. The transparency of the voting process, the influence of external entities, and the future direction of the GOP are now topics of intense scrutiny.

Reflecting on the Broader Implications

The recent events surrounding the House speaker post have far-reaching implications. The unexpected turn of events has not only impacted Jim Jordan's political trajectory but also raised questions about the GOP's internal dynamics.

Many are left wondering about the factors that influenced the GOP's decision to withdraw their support for Jordan. Was it purely based on the voting outcome, or were there other underlying reasons?

Gaetz's public statements hint at the latter, suggesting a more complex narrative.

As the dust settles, the GOP will need to address these concerns and ensure that their decision-making processes are transparent and free from external influences. The party's credibility and future direction hinge on how they navigate these turbulent waters.

Looking Ahead: What's Next for the GOP?

The GOP is at a crossroads. The recent developments have exposed cracks within the party, and there's a pressing need for introspection. The party's leadership will have to address the concerns raised by Gaetz and ensure that similar incidents don't recur in the future.

Jim Jordan, despite the setback, remains a formidable figure within the GOP. His future endeavors and political moves will be closely watched by both supporters and critics alike.

As for Matt Gaetz, his public statements have added a new dimension to the ongoing narrative. It remains to be seen how his revelations impact the GOP's internal dynamics and whether they lead to any significant changes within the party.


  • Matt Gaetz expressed concerns over Jim Jordan's unexpected setback in the House speaker race.
  • Jim Jordan faced challenges in securing support from fellow Republicans, leading to his eventual withdrawal from the race.
  • Gaetz played a key role in the ousting of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.
  • Questions have been raised about the transparency of the GOP's decision-making processes.
  • The GOP's future direction and credibility are now under the spotlight.

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