Marjorie Taylor Greene Pushes Forward Impeachment Resolution for Mayorkas

 December 1, 2023

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has taken a surprising turn in her pursuit of impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

On Thursday, Greene withdrew her resolution for impeachment, indicating instead that the House Homeland Security Committee would be moving forward with the impeachment process.

The congresswoman from Georgia, often referred to as "MTG," had introduced her resolution only a day prior, vowing to persist until successful. However, she explained her change in strategy, citing assurances of the House's commitment to impeaching Mayorkas through the appropriate committee.

Resolution Moves to Homeland Security Committee

Greene conveyed to the press her expectation that her articles of impeachment would soon reach the House floor. She attributed this progression to productive discussions with prominent Republican officials, including Speaker Mike Johnson, Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green, and other committee members.

Earlier this month, a motion was approved by eight Republicans and all Democrats present to move Greene's previous impeachment resolution to the Homeland Security Committee. This resolution accused Mayorkas of failing to uphold border security, a "high crime and misdemeanor."

The Homeland Security Committee had already been examining these allegations, hinting at the potential for future impeachment proceedings.

Republicans Diverge on Impeachment Strategy

In the past, Greene expressed concern that her resolution might be buried within the committee. This view was at odds with some Republicans who, while supporting Mayorkas' impeachment, called for a procedure that was not rushed and that had a chance of winning a Senate conviction, a considerable challenge given the Democratic control of the Senate.

One of these Republicans, Rep. Darrell Issa, released a statement on Thursday declaring his readiness to vote for Mayorkas' impeachment. He stated that the committee's investigation had produced compelling evidence against the Secretary, which Mayorkas has neither refuted nor rectified.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Green also released a statement, indicating that the committee's investigation was nearing its conclusion and would follow the course determined by the facts.

Mayorkas and Democrats Respond to Impeachment Effort

The Department of Homeland Security has defended Mayorkas against these impeachment efforts. A spokesperson described the Republican's attempts as "reckless impeachment charades."

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Mayorkas dismissed the impact of the impeachment drive on his work, emphasizing his commitment to his role and his pride in supporting the Department's large workforce.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, the ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee, criticized Greene's reversal on Thursday as a "political stunt." He urged Republicans to collaborate with Democrats and the Biden Administration to address the nation's immigration challenges.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Impeachment Resolution: What's Next?

With Greene's impeachment resolution now in the hands of the Homeland Security Committee, all eyes will be on the next steps. Will the committee indeed move forward with impeachment, as Greene has been "guaranteed," or will the resolution find its end there?

Regardless of the outcome, this episode has once again put the spotlight on the ongoing debates within the House, highlighting the divergent strategies adopted by Republicans and the continued resistance from Democrats.

As the investigation unfolds and the political maneuverings continue, the American public awaits clarity on the fate of Secretary Mayorkas and the future direction of Homeland Security.


  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene withdrew her impeachment resolution against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
  • She claimed assurance that the House Homeland Security Committee would be advancing the impeachment process.
  • Eight Republicans and all Democrats had previously approved moving Greene's resolution to the committee.
  • Some Republicans expressed a desire for a thorough process that could win a Senate conviction.
  • Mayorkas and Democrats have dismissed the impeachment efforts as reckless and politically motivated.

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