Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls For Mike Gallagher To Be Expelled

By Victor Winston, updated on March 25, 2024

The corridors of power in Washington are currently echoing with discontent and strategic calculations.

The resignation of Rep. Mike Gallagher, a crucial Republican figure, has sparked significant contention within the Republican Party, particularly between Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Speaker Mike Johnson.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Questions Leadership Decisions

According to Daily Mail, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene believed that Speaker Mike Johnson had not acted in the best interests of the Republican Party by failing to push for Mike Gallagher's immediate resignation. Greene's strong stance comes amidst concerns over maintaining a narrow majority in the House following Gallagher's forthcoming resignation.

The decision for Gallagher to resign, scheduled for April 19, interrupts the potential for a special election due to the timing, as per Wisconsin election law. This could result in the vacancy lasting until the next term, a development that adds to the party's complexities. Greene did not mince words, accusing Gallagher of betrayal and lambasting Johnson for his commendation of Gallagher post-announcement.

It's worth noting that a source close to Gallagher mentioned his decision was deeply personal, made after discussions with his family, and approved by House Republican leadership. Despite this, the tension within the party is palpable, highlighted further by Rep. Greene filing a motion to challenge Johnson's speaker position, which is linked to disagreements over handling spending bills.

Implications of Gallagher's Departure and Party Dynamics

Gallagher, who has been a prominent figure in Congress since 2017 and leads the China subcommittee, expressed that his resignation is a personal choice made after conversations with his family.

Gallagher's statement outlined his unexpected decision to resign effective April 19. This move has wider implications for the Republican Party as it navigates a series of resignations, including those of Rep. Kay Granger and Rep. Ken Buck.

These departures signal a tumultuous period and the potential challenges the House Republicans face in maintaining unity and pushing through party-line legislation.

A Rift Within The Republican Party

Greene's public critique of Gallagher and Johnson has thrown a spotlight on the internal dynamics and potential rifts within the Republican Party at a crucial juncture.

Speaker Johnson should be forcing Mike Gallagher to leave early so that his district can hold a special election, and any strong Republican Speaker of the House would expel a member for leaving our razor-thin majority in such a delicate, delicate state. We cannot allow — we cannot allow this. Mike Gallagher betrayed all of us. And Speaker Johnson, as the one who’s responsible for our majority, praised Mike Gallagher on Friday after he announced his departure, saying that he’s great and praising him and thanking him for his service in Congress.

Greene's discontent reflects the high stakes for the Republican Party as it aims to navigate through this period of uncertainty.

As the story develops, one thing is clear: the Republican Party faces a test of leadership and unity as they deal with internal disagreements and the strategic implications of Gallagher's resignation. Greene's vocal opposition to Johnson's leadership and Gallagher's decision to resign underscores the tension within the party.

In conclusion, the Republican Party is at a crossroads, grappling with leadership challenges and the implications of key resignations on their majority in the House. As these events unfold, the ability of the party to remain cohesive and strategically aligned will be crucial to its legislative success and internal stability.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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