Marilyn Mosby Sentenced To Home Detention After Fraud, Perjury Convictions

 May 25, 2024

Marilyn Mosby, former District Attorney of Baltimore, will serve her sentence under home confinement.

According to Breitbart, Marilyn Mosby received a 12-month home detention sentence for misusing CARES Act funds and committing mortgage fraud.

Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby of the U.S. District Court handed down the sentence, which also includes 100 hours of community service and three years of supervised release. This decision followed Mosby's conviction for perjury and defrauding mortgage lenders by falsifying financial information to purchase properties in Florida.

Former DA Mosby Escapes Prison Time

Mosby, once a lauded public figure aiming to reform Baltimore’s criminal justice system, faced potential imprisonment of up to 40 years. However, the judiciary opined that detention at her residence would suffice, considering her maternal responsibilities. Judge Griggsby remarked on the weight of a breach of public trust, a difficult trait to restore once marred.

The sentence was pronounced following revelations that Mosby illicitly withdrew $36,000 from a city retirement account under the guise of pandemic-related expenses. She used these funds to acquire a substantial investment in Florida—a $428,000 rental property. Furthermore, Mosby deceived lenders about her financial status, including a $5,000 misrepresentation regarding a monetary gift from her then-husband, Nick Mosby.

Legal Defenses Highlight Personal Circumstances

During the trial, Mosby's legal defense argued against imprisoning her for non-violent, technical offenses. Civil rights attorney Ben Crump spoke vehemently about the disproportionality of imprisoning Mosby.

Ben Crump stated, “To sentence her to prison being convicted for minor, non-violent offenses with no victims would be a grave injustice and it would magnify the trauma of her two beautiful daughters.”

Mosby's case has drawn various reactions. The former DA responded to her sentencing with an overt expression of gratitude to her supporters and attributed her spiritual faith to her perceived leniency:

Marilyn Mosby reflected on the divine support she felt during the ordeal, “Thank you. I swear, God sent angels into my life to see me when I felt like I wasn’t being seen, and I’m just so grateful to every one of you.”


In addition to her sentencing, Mosby has pursued a presidential pardon, asserting her innocence and legal rights vigorously, as noted by Judge Griggsby during the proceedings. The legal developments have had a significant impact on her family, inspiring one of her daughters to pursue a career in law enforcement.

The judge also mandated the forfeiture of Mosby's property in Florida, directing that the proceeds mainly benefit the federal government. This is seen as a move to rectify the financial discrepancies related to her crimes.

Mosby, despite losing her reelection in 2022 amidst these legal entanglements, holds a pivotal place in Baltimore's recent historical context. Her ordeal underscores the complex interplay between personal accountability and public service, leaving the community and her supporters with mixed feelings about the consequences of her actions.

Marilyn Mosby, once a prominent figure in Baltimore's fight against crime, now faces a future marked by home detention and legal battles following her convictions for perjury and mortgage fraud. The legal precedents set by this case highlight significant issues of trust and responsibility in public office, balancing personal circumstances with the gravity of official misconduct.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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